Polarization is another word for duality, without duality this world will cease to exist. Only when contrasting light is superimposed on the screen do we see images. The outside world is a painting created by all of us. Today it is a very messy painting, because everyone is throwing their color onto the canvas of life and majority of them have no clue as to what they are doing and how they are smudging this canvas of life that we all are part of, but that’s an inevitable part of life, the more an unconscious person smudges the more smudginess he/she will experience. 

This is a time for the spiritualist (the ones who are aware) to sit back and observe, because someday those who are smudging the canvas of life will either run out of color and the energy or both.

Once that point is reached, the Master will clean the canvas and we all will together create a wonderful painting, that time is yet to come, but it will only happen when the Master is certain that the smudgers are finally done with their intellectual shenanigans to have their names etched on the canvas of life. 

The Universe is set to auto-correct, duality is the nature of the universe, it is like a pendulum. When the pendulum is in one extremity, it is more or less certain that it will also swing to the other extremity, even before it starts the return swing, there the path is known. Thus, every extreme opinion or perspective creates an equal and opposite perspective, there are two forces resulting from this interaction, these two forces are called action and reaction forces and are the subject of Newton’s third law of motion. Newton’s third law is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Presently everything is in a flux, because of the intellectuals who are generating extremist opinions and those who are trying to control the swinging pendulum. Both these stereotypes will blow their tops off trying to analyze the situation intellectually, oblivious to the fact that it is natures auto-correct mechanism that is in play. It is energized by fearful imagination and reactions of the egoist intellectual brain and an ignorant mind.These are the people who are way off center and balance, riding the pendulum of natures correction.The only way to control the swing is to control one’s own extreme thoughts, emotions and actions.

Over the last few weeks, I have met some very charged up individuals who were extremely intellectually polarized as subject matter experts on COVID. I am now observing how their energy is being diffused every day and they are dropping into a state of acceptance…lol. I am sure they are now realizing the limit of their own intellectual ability, the fragility of their human mind and the lack of understanding about how our universe is set up to auto-correct, being unconscious and educated unfortunately means that one is a potentially liability to everyone.

This time the correction is going to be deep rooted, why? because every so called subject matter expert (from every segment of life) is seizing this opportunity to gratify their egos by trying to explain a simple phenomenon with very complex scientific theory, graphs and predictions, and then there is someone who simply want to prove the proposed theory as flawed, it is the easiest thing any intellectual worth two cents can do.Social media and irresponsible media coverage is also a huge factor that will teach people what NOT TO focus on. Unfortunately unconscious Intellectuals end up throwing the darkest colors on the canvas of life.

The sign of intelligence is simplicity of understanding and convincing. Those who are fueling extremist perspectives will experience extreme outcomes in their life.

Those who are energizing the swing by their intellectual energy will get exhausted sooner rather than later, either they will realize the futility of trying to intellectually control nature’s auto-correct mechanism or will totally short-circuit themselves. This is the time to sit like a cat and watch the pendulum swing and wait for it all to come to rest in its natural state. The solution is simple, look within and use the energy consciously to adapt to the change that is written on the wall rather than trying to fight and revert back to the old ways of living unconsciously.

Nature will have its way of achieving balance and ensuring that best of humanity survives and progresses toward self-realization. The future shall belong to those who can objectively evaluate and consciously align their thoughts, emotions and actions to improve their own well-being and that of the ecosystem.

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