This period that the world is going through now, offers an absolutely wonderful opportunity for India to transform and re-incarnate as a Global Leader of Repute and regain its past glory. However, we must do it on our terms without being seen as opportunistic.

I have always known that a top down driven transformation is suppression and a down to up transformation is Liberation. China adopted the top down driven transformation ideology and its leader suppressed the free will of its citizens in its mad rush to become a super-power in the Asia Pacific Region, the events that have unfolded in the last few months have reinforced my perspective. I must clarify and sympathize with the common Chinese man as I would with the common man from anywhere . This has put India in an advantageous position to replace Chain as the preferred economic partner for US, this can usher in a significant a wave of funding from the US. This is an opportunity and we must rise above all our biases and unify to make the country SELF-DEPENDENT. This must happen with the minimum refractory period at the people and government level. This time an earnest effort must be made to unify the voice of the people and the the same should resonated in the both the higher and the lower echelons of our society.

Let us look at some of the decisions that the Chinese leadership has taken in the past few decades and how it has put China in this situation and what does destiny hold for it. Most importantly they were all financed primarily by American money and global financial capital.

“Thanks to America, China, over past 3 decades has received over US$ 55 trillion of funds. These include,

  • US$ 40 trillion of mainly external debt.
  • Capital invested in China via American and global capital markets is US$ 14 Trillion.
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in excess of US$ 1 trillion.

China is a country on steroids, massive amounts of financial steroids.

With that kind of walking around money, The CCP leadership has,

  • Constructed world class infrastructure in many parts, of China which is essential to enable an economy to operate efficiently and effectively.
  • China has used much of this wealth to subsidize all aspects of its manufacturing so as to drive all relevant global competitors out of business forever.
  • Propped up gigantic white elephants, China’s State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) which provide the jobs, and lifestyle of China’s 90 million Communist Party of China members.

Any nation on a diet of very heavy steroids is at its core fundamentally a weak economy. This is why we can say the Chinese economic miracle is fundamentally a beautiful bubble, one which has been gradually deflating and soon about to burst.

China has been riding high on steroids for too long and created the worlds largest but unsustainable economy.”

The above in quote extract used from a blog published by my dear friend and blogger ; Gurvinder Singh : China on steriods :

I personally resonate very strongly with his perspective and prophecy. This could mean an opportunity for India. However what INDIA cannot afford is to become another puppet relying on any country that does not see India as an honorable and an equal partner. India is a county of great Spiritual Wisdom and it should be our responsibility to help our allies and partner to see the depth of our wisdom, wisdom that can improve lives of billions of humans and make this world a better place.

We must as Indian’s promote our Vedic Wisdom.

The core of our strategic partnership with US or any other country should encompass the below as a minimum.

  • They must support Indian to get a Permanent Position in the UN Security Council.
  • Jointly developed technology should be co-owned.
  • Indians should be treated as preferred partners by the Americans and this should reflect in the significant relaxation of all travel and business norms. Americans should not view India as a cheap source of skilled labor but as reliable and valued partner. Indian companies should also ensure dignified and professional attitude in their undertakings and consider careful nomination of Leadership that understand the art of conscious decision making and rise above myopic quick profit business philosophy.
  • The Indian economy should be protected from effects of currency hedging.
  • An attempt must be made to bridge the gap between the labor laws of both the countries, especially equal opportunities.
  • Defense and Military objective should be synchronized for maintaining peace and harmony in the Indian Ocean, Arabian-Sea and the Himalayas, with all our neighbors and the world.
  • Ayurveda, Herbal Medicine and Panchgavya – the ancient Indian system of natural and holistic medicine should be researched by US scientist and results published as an alternative to western pharmaceutical treatments.
  • Education should be heavily subsidized for Indian Students who show the caliber and inclination to merge the best from both systems of educations.

The wealth of Indian culture is such that we have all the answers on how to live a holistic and a spiritual life, thus we should hold our position as givers of knowledge and wisdom and not get affected by the American Dream.

We as Indians have to live the INDIAN DREAM!


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