Let us understand the concept of abundance, hoarding and austerity?

This universe is abundant, it cannot ever run out of anything. The supreme intelligence that presides over this universe loves everyone, there is absolutely no reason to fear the creator of this universe.

Simple example of abundance – Air, it will never run out. Yes, we human can contaminate the air and the contaminated air can be a cause of our death but that is the effect of the causation we inflict on nature. Nature has provided air in abundance, without discrimination and without any individual limit on it.

We have in our greed drawn lines on land and hypothetical lines on the oceans, can we draw boundaries on the air that moves freely over land and sea. Nothing here belongs to any human or anyone, it never has and never will. Despite knowing all this we continue our delusional struggle to own and possess knowing very well that nothing absolutely nothing can ever be ours. Everything that we believe to be ours can be taken away in a matter of seconds and in three months everything that man fought and killed million for stands questionable. In this war there will be no winners. Yes, those who look at this from a higher level of consciousness will definitely stand a better chance to survive and flourish if this comes to an end sooner rather than later.

According to Hindu mythology, Apasmāra is a dwarf who represents spiritual ignorance and nonsensical speech. He is also known as Muyalaka or Muyalakan. To preserve knowledge in the world, Apasmāra must be subdued, not killed, as to do so would disturb the necessary balance between spiritual wisdom and ignorance. Killing Apasmāra would symbolize the attainment of wisdom without the (essential) effort, dedication and hard work involved, and this would lead to the devaluing of knowledge in all its forms.

Anyone who manages to subdue Apasmara (negative thinking, negative behavior  and nonsensical speech) through dedicated effort striving to seek spiritual wisdom will find balance and become centered, once the fundamentals of spiritual wisdom are firmly established in the individuals behavior such individuals will never experience lack in life as they will by default be on the path chosen for them by the creator, where everything they needs will come available. This can only be realized through personal experience. Once that realization sets in, do you think any person will want to dispense most of their life first hoarding and then the remainder living in fear of losing it, will such a person be extravagant in his lifestyle?

In the Spiritual context austerity means no wastage of over-indulgence in anything, it does not mean lack of.

Look around there are people who have unimaginable amount of money and still unhappy, there are people who have no money and unhappy (obviously). Then there are people who have lots of money, happy but feel a lack of purpose and then there are those very few who experience the abundance of the universe, live a content and a simple life and are helping humanity in which ever way they deem suitable and equipped. I must say there are many more than one can imagine who are consciously doing their bit and that is why whatever is happening, it has not been catastrophic in term of loss of life. More need to move-over and shift the negativity to positivity.  This is the first time in the history of mankind all places of worship have been shut, I think the message from the creator of the universe is loud and clear, “All humans sort yourself out, it’s time to finally learn how to co-exist, none of what you believe as yours is yours!”.

Ever wondered what is the difference?

There is scientific evidence that proves that negative thinking disrupts neural pathways and connectivity with the universe and thus the emotion of fear, sense of lack and seeking material/sense gratification become behavioral traits. In this environment Apasmara is very active. As soon as an individual overcomes his negative thinking, negative behavior  and non-nonsensical speech, Apasmara becomes subdued.

The Natraj Statue at CERN (Switzerland); reflects Lord Shiva in his dance form subduing the demon Apasmara. His dance is called Rudra Tandavam (Angry Dance) or Ananda Tandava (Happy Dance) depending on the context.

Ending the blog here for the reader to draw their own conclusion and your own “What Not to do, in this environment.” I am doing what is within my limited ability and thus sleep peacefully.

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