These are two fundamental questions that one should ask themselves to really understand the truth about life and controlling life.

  • Has anyone ever been responsible for their birth? and
  • Does anyone have control over their death?

Invariably the answer to both the question is “NO”, and thus one may concur by philosophical deduction that whatever is happening in our life is also outside of our control. In the present scenario that is quite easily verifiable at any level. Would it not be prudent to then avoid extreme positions on any subject? Extreme opinions are like the extremities of a swinging pendulum, sometime sooner or later the pendulum will find it’s natural position in the center. This is the philosophy of Taoism.

However, we do have the power of choice and we should ideally rely on human values when making choices, not all that easy, must admit. This is where one has to be aware of the selfishness and ego intercepting and derailing any individual from making a rational / an appropriate choice.

However, we all want it our way, and there is a fail proof simple strategy that when practiced and perfected can actually lead to anyone becoming completely selfless and egoless.

Gratitude is the most powerful attitude one can have.

  • To educate oneself for feeling grateful one must start with not taking anything for granted, be thankful for everything that one has including that which one does not have and that which does not happen as desired. Always thank everyone no matter what because behind every action there is the WILL of something greater than the individual. Sound easy enough to follow.
  • The nature of existence is such that we have to rely on someone else in a do or die situation at least once in a life time where there are things beyond your intellectual capability to access and analyse, a simple example is a critical surgery (not saying that you will ever have one). It’s best to train the mind to be at ease when you have to face such a decision. The next time someone asks you to make a choice, be aware and give them the privilege to choose for you, make this a habit, a behavior and an attitude as far as reasonably practical, baby steps are recommended to start with. This builds your trust in other and fortifies your faith.
  • AND
  • Replace Choice with Intent.

Be aware and prepared not to regret in hindsight once you have given the power of choice to someone else, doubt is an antidote for magic to happen. Don’t allow anyone to make a pendulum of yourself.

That moment when one’s mind can sit with the self, immersed in the now free of the past and the future, feeling relaxed, in gratitude of everything and everyone that has been part of your life, with absolutely no more urge to become restless again, with a sense of carefree-ness, lightness and a smile blossoming effortlessly, that is the moment when the self is at the center of its existence..

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