Take A Glimpse

There are two ways to live life, unconsciously (by default) or consciously as a creator (by awareness and choice).

To date,  majority of humans have lived life unconsciously and thus find themselves in a state of affair where everything that is out of balance is crumbling. Every challenge is an opportunity waiting to be capitalized. This book is for those who have reached a point in life where their desire and curiosity to find their balance and center in life has become an incessant question in their minds.

Are you ready to face the external change and make the change within you?

The 10 codes in the book are the basic foundational stepping stones to reprogramming the mind to survive and flourish at a time where humanity is in a whirlpool of external change.

Humanity is at a crossroad where becoming resilient is the attribute that is to be developed to make conscious choices from now. Practicing these 10 codes will all naturally build your immunity in the process.
Making conscious decisions is the only way to rise and move forward. Laterally maneuvering and shifting sideways is not really an option. It is imperative for those who wish to survive and flourish to internally change and sync with external change.

The external change is all about co-existence, human values and following the most important fundamental universal law: “That which can harm you is also harmful to others.” This is the essence of Dharma (Our purpose) as defined in the Vedanta principles. Practicing these 10 codes will prepare you for the next phase of your personal transformation where you will be ready to “Unleash Your Hidden Potential”.