The Spiritual signature of the human being grows in layers. Each of these layers has to be satisfied , balanced and centered to move into  the higher realms of consciousness.



The Base Layer of the physical body is the AnnaMaya Kosha

The Vedas state that the lowest state of bliss is Annamaya Kosha this is signified by the individual’s pursuit of sense gratification through food. The kind of food consumed is directly responsble for the vrutti (nature) of the individual. There are three kinds of food that are specified in the Vedas Satvic , Rajasic and Tamasic.

Sativ food (Nourishing the Spirit) is non-spicy vegetarian food, consumed within three hours of bring cooked.

Rajasic food (Nourishing Passion) is spicy, non-vegetarian food and alcohol.

Tamasic food (Nourishing ignorance) is spicy, sour , bitter , non-vegetarian food, stale food and alcohol.

Initially when the individual starts the journey as a seeker, the first action point should be to gradually switch to Satvic food. Proteins from meat are complete and complex protein and these actually inhibit the unlocking of the inaccessible genes as they fulfill all the requirements of the body. However, proteins from vegetables and pulse are incomplete but simple in their composition.The intake of food affects the vrutti (nature) of the individual which in-turn affects the next stages of spiritual evolution. The process of Human evolution and human excellence is about unlocking the inaccessible genes, thus the reliance on simple proteins is the key initially as the cellular DNA & RNA will detect the lack in the vegetable proteins and it will unlock genes that will complete the protein requirements of the body, thus the basic primary unlocking occurs.

In the Vedas it has been clearly stated that to kill and consume any animal is the first privilege of the Kshatriya and for the other’s they can consume meat only when there is a deficiency of food and they have must kill it themselves.

The Science :

Unlocking the genes is the secret to becoming Superhuman.

The objective of the genome project is to unlock the human gene artificially through external stimulation, and at best it may succeed in achieving human excellence in a desired field of human endeavour. This is the outwardly approach of science. This approach will never result in unlocking the Divinity that exists within each one of us.

Our genes are designed to unlock themselves when the individual is committed to the higher purpose of life. Every cell in our body is the regulator of the other cells that is how homeostatis is maintained, thus the system cannot be bypassed. The natural unlocking only happens when the individual follows a practice and discipline towards internal alignment and the result being the highest level of acceptance at the cellular level. Homeostatis is lost when there is a reaction to something or someone and this is an unaccetable state for anyone who wishes to gain access to the powers of the Universe, as there is a risk that they may use it for selfish purpose. The human genetics have evolved with the  history of selfish human and now encrypted the genetic unlocking program far more stringently than was before.

The process of Human Spiritual evolution is committing oneself to the higher good of existence (not just humanity). The secret of our divinity lies in unlocking the genes through disciplinary practice, gaining knowledge and using the acquired knowledge for creating a harmonius environment for co-existence.As the individual progresses in his disciplinary practice there is only one way the individual will progress and this is towards his/her higher self, the cells internally detect the authenticity of the individual and collectively decide to unlock the genes that automatically empower the individual to fulfill the higher purpose.

There will always be one big difference between the one who unlocks himself and the one who is unlocked artificially. One will be self-regulated and the other will have to be regulated. The world needs self-regulated superheroes.

See the movie: Captain America the First Avenger: Find out why Captain America was the chosen one for the genome project. Write to me using the comment section to this blog. 

SAADHANA is the key to becoming a self-regulated superhero, the unlocking of the genes happens automatically as the individual becomes intergrated and self-regulated. VIPASSANA , YOGA these are the sacred knowledge and science of unlocking the soul from within. Energy can never be neither be created nor destroyed, it simply changes form, energy that has your signature, the one that an indiidual releases during Sadhana, this energy can be summoned to serve a higher purpose when directed to do so by the Saadhak.

The next layer is the PranaMaya Kosha

Prana means energy, the energy that keeps the body alive. In humans it is the air that keeps the body alive and in the aquatic creatures they derive their energy from the water and then there are amphibians. The purest form of energy is Cosmic energy and we humans can derive this energy from air. Breathing is the connect we individuals have with the universe.

Regulating the breathing establishes the high-speed internet connection between ourselves and the Cosmic intelligence. When the breathing is erractic , the more disruptive is his connection with consciousness. Unstable breathing is the direct outcome of an unstable mind.

It is stated in the Vedas that the breathing of the Siddha is 108 breaths in 24 hours, a breath every 13.3 mins in action. 

The next layer is the ManoMaya Kosha.

This is all about the mind and understanding how the thoughts and emotions affect the outcomes in our life. The mind is to be our servant and not the other way around.If one maintains awareness (the ability to observe your thoughts and actions), one will realise the mind is like a monkey – always creating hypothetical situations where it perceives that we actually need to do something to either avert an imaginary situation or make it a better experience and the body is constantly reacting to these random thoughts. Most humans have allowed the monkey mind to become their master. This needs to change; one need to regain control of the mind and make it an elephant where the individual is the mahout and you move the mind on your command. This elephant mind can move the Universe.

This probably is the most difficult layer to transcend because this requires integrity at cellular level, which takes a lot of discipline, knowledge and clarity of intent.

The next layer is the VigyanaMaya Kosha.

As the mind gets stable the veils of knowledge are lifted and universal knowledge comes available to the individual from any source and in through any medium. This knowledge can only be deciphered by the individual who has cellular integrity and this can move forward without a doubt when the command comes from within.

Receiving this Knowledge is not for everyone. Many spiritualist simply transcend from the Manomaya to AnandMaya Kosha. They are the happiest and the most content individuals that you will ever meet. This is the unltimate destination of blissfulness and oneness with the universe. I am blessed to know such a person very intimately.

The next layer is the AnandMaya Kosha.

This is where the Knowledge turns into Wisdom. Wisdom is the whispering of the Spirit in the heart.

The destiny is the ONENESS of the Jivaatma and the Paramatam.

In this stage there is just the whispering, the listening and the undertaking.

No expectations, no questions, no doubts, not judgement, no fear.. only absolute seamlessness.

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