Most of the human can only imagine the quantum to be as intellectual as themselves. This is evident from the fact that so many of the humans are engaged in pleasing the supreme intelligence by performing rituals, chanting and making material offering. Today even the least of the intellect human understands deeds that are done for vested interest, to think the supreme intelligence does not know that one is trying to offer him the mediocre and wanting the most precious can only be defined as ignorance. Don’t forget IT has been through all this to acquire Lordship over all.

The Supreme gives us everything that one desire’s over and above sustaining our lives except one thing. The one thing that really matters he keeps it with himself. As long as there is wanting, one will never receive the ultimate gift from God. That one thing that God has is so precious that a true seeker reaches a point where he/she is willing to let go of anything/everything that he/she values the most in their life.

What do we humans value the most in our lives

–        People; our relations.

–        Property; assets; Money

–        Reputation: our pseudo labels, designations, and all the adjectives that one has added before and after the “I”.

–        Comfort: that which gives us a sense of safety and security.

–        Being successful.

–       Knowledge.

–        Our Life: It is clearly mentioned in the Vedas that for a true seeker, death should also be considered a gift of God.

When one is truly seeking God, one must be prepared to lose all of the above, it is not necessary that one SHALL lose all of it, for sure some will be lost. God is the supreme intelligence it knows when an individual has reached a point where all the above is meaningless to him/her at the core level. Once an individual reaches that point there is only one thing that will happen naturally; the individual will naturally become relaxed and overcome all fear.

Yes, for some the journey to understand god and what it can give can lead to a point where everything shall be lost only to gain something far greater that will elevate the individual to a divine level.

Be aware, when you say you are a seeker of GOD! It is a journey of letting go joyfully, surrender and never to hold on again to that which one may have to let go in the first place to receive God’s ultimate gift. There are some people who received everything and then got trapped again into the same vortex.

Everyone has to become a seeker at some time, in this life or some other, that is the ultimate realization of home coming and becoming ONE.

GOD is quantum, GOD is IT, everything there IS,  IT IS INFINITE.

BOW down to the IT in the IS.

That one thing is “BLISS”.

GOD is an intelligent businessman but NOT a CHEAT. He will take away everything that you don’t require before giving you ALL that you need.

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