What an Individual is at this point in life is the product of the choices made by him/her.
The responsibility of making a choice lies with the individual.
We are humans and to “Err is to be Human”.
However, when we say we have erred, we have accepted that we made a wrong choice. Once we accept that we have made a wrong choice, the universal human consciousness, immediately set’s the individual on a course of life that seems to be full of failure, hardships, and pain, because the universal human consciousness wants the individual to learn a Law pre-established by human consciousness.

However, there comes along an individual who lives life on his own terms and decides to challenge the pre-established laws at the level of human consciousness and CHANGE the pre-set laws of human consciousness. Such, individuals are chosen by existential consciousness to challenge human consciousness as ambassadors of change.

These ambassadors of change have to follow 3 principles.

  1. Purity of Intent
  2. Tapas / Saadhana
  3. Silence

Such an individual is supported by existential consciousness (the great energy, which is the mother of all), which manifests to teach and strengthen the chosen individual the eternal laws of existence that are far superior to the laws established by humans and entrenched in human consciousness.

Now, one is greater than this energy (existential consciousness). I bow to this energy, it can do anything for the individual when he is ready to serve HER purpose.