We have all heard the saying, “Being Larger than Life”.

Have we ever given a thought to what it truly means to be larger than life?

Being larger than life is totally an inner state of being, anything that is quantifiable cannot be used as a measure of your largeness. Being Larger than life is being larger than the reality of the outer world. Situations where majority of the humanity is overwhelmed because they see gloom and doom are actually god sent opportunities for conscious humans to be Larger than Life and Rise.

A good indication that you are being larger than Life is when you feel positive and can stay in the moment and enjoy that moment, even in a situation where everyone else is struggling with the unknown as we are experiencing during this pandemic. Kindly accept that if someone gets mentally overpowered by an external situation before actually facing it and is feeling doubt and anxiety within them, they are starting to succumb if not already succumbed to the external environment. We ourselves allow the environment to become greater than us.

So, how does one become larger than life? There are generally three ways that an individual’s behavior can be associated with their innate desire to become larger than life, this desire of being larger than Life cannot be suppressed as that is our divine nature.

  • When one ignores the reality. (i.e ignorance is bliss); this works very effectively when the reality affects only the individual and not the collective, however this is a very primitive kind of behavior. Here the individual considers himself to be greater than the whole, which can have some repercussions to the individual who isn’t conscious yet.
  • When one has identified his/her existence with a passion or a purpose greater than any prepared to face any challenge he/she will have to encounter and is willing to face it and overcome the same with the power of individual will. This approach is good for a realized Leader.
  • When one elevates their individual awareness and consciousness to a level greater than that of the collective consciousness, without defying it, having imbibed the essence of dharma in his/her behavior. Then one can say that the individual is truly rising in consciousness and on the path of becoming a realized Leader. This, an individual only needs to do it once in a life time because then the individual would have built their own personal experience and learned how to be LARGER THAN LIFE!

No purpose in life can be greater than survival, only when one is alive can one pursue any passion or purpose – do not take the challenge of the environment lightly. When a situation like pandemic hits humanity on the face, it’s for you to choose your strategy on how you wish to become Larger than life.

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