Scientifically every concept has to be proven through the medium of mathematics.

As we are all aware that an equation has two sides the LHS (Left Hand Side) and the RHS (Right Hand Side).

With respect to the Quantum equations my research has revealed that the LHS of the equation is the generally the mathematical representation of the concept or the law and the RHS of the equation is the mathematical representation of the observations made in an experiment conducted to prove the concept or the Law.

My research has also revealed that all complex equations be it those related to a Quantum theory or to economics there is always an imbalance between the LHS and the RHS of the equation. Scientist/Subject Matter Experts use a factor called the variable constant that is used to balance out the equation. This is a constant in terms of its presence but a variable in terms of its value. It is an UNKNOWN.

This UNKNOWN is the hand of God. This is where the limit of human intellect goes finite. Science is the function of the human intellect, concepts that the human mind has conjured, and these need to proven, thus it is finite in its nature and bound by a limit. If any concept/ theory/solution has to be proven it immediately becomes a definable situation or a condition and becomes the boundary and thus limits the mind.

Now let’s look at the UNKNOWN CONSTANT THAT VARIES, the unknown is infinite, infinite is un-quantifiable, and thus it cannot be proven by the limited intellect and the logic of the human cognitive capacity.

What is this UNKNOWN CONSTANT THAT VARIES; This UNKNOWN CONSTANT THAT VARIES is the Individual Mind. Now majority of the humans are involved in herd activities as a society and therefore even those who have an Independent Individual Mind can get trapped into their vortex of negative thinking. Those who have an Individual min, they are the game changers, these are the ones who are the ambassadors of change. STANDING ALONE is a long and difficult journey but equally satisfying and fulfilling.

Today, humanity has reached it’s limit of intellectual ability and struggling to find a solution on how to move forward in the evolution of humanity. Is there a way forward? 

Yes, there is of course, and it involves breaking down the boundaries in the individual mind as to what is possible and what is not possible. Everything that can be imagined can be created.

 William Arthur Ward

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.

OUR Individual mind comes in the way of unleashing the imagination because it is restricted by the boundaries we have programmed into it (experiences, news, education, beliefs and selfishness) to transcend these boundaries one to become accept the quantum as the unknown that exists that is the smallest factor that creates the balance of existence and to do is consciously makes an individual truly an instrument of consciousness.  Most humans are living the limits set by someone else’s fundamentals that they have developed and most have accepted.

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