We have an army of 63 trillion, within us, it is unruly, untrained, undisciplined and chasing meaning less goals and under someone else’s influence.

  •  The Conscious Mind (The logical thinking mind) is the regulator and the director of  Our Life Show.
  • The Subconscious mind is the regulator and director of the inner energy.
  • The Subconscious mind is also connected to the heart and the solar plexus and thus is connected to the autonomous system.
  • The autonomous system is not under conscious control but under the control of the creative energy that is responsible for  creating the individual itself, it’s existence and it’s survivability.

The evolution of mankind is naturally designed to take us into the higher realms of knowledge, wisdom and consciousness. What humanity is facing today is a forced and fast tracked shift into higher realms of self-realization, and majority are suffering the symptoms of not knowing themselves.

The only way to move up and flourish in the higher realms of consciousness if to take CONSCIOUS CONTROL of your army and the POWER that is vested in each one of us, the POWER that we all have inherited from the source of all creation lies dormant within each one of US. The access to this POWER is only available to those who have trained and disciplined their army of 63 trillion cells to serve a higher purpose.The Conscious mind will open the gates to abundance of the universe for those who have a supremely disciplined army under their absolute conscious control to serve a higher purpose.

The intelligence and the energy to destroy the old, re-organise and re-create in an integrated human being is unfathomable.

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