Creating a Critical Mass of Consciousness to Create a New World.

It is important to understand that the evolution from the Human form to a Conscious Human being occurs in four stages,  concurrently till a fine balance is accomplished in all four aspects of the human being.

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Psychological
  4. And Conscious

From a medical perspective, consciousness is a description of our current level of awareness. From the spiritual perspective, consciousness is the energy created by our thoughts. Thus, how we think matters and express ourselves matters. Highly Conscious people can change the direction of Humanity once a critical Mass of Consciousness is achieved for that purpose. However, before doing so the old that has been created will have to be dismantled, and the blueprint for the future is to be clearly established.

The best part of conscious creation is that it does not require any external effort all it needs is one’s attention and regular focus daily at one’s own time and comfort. Saadhana in the spiritual sense is the practice of being with oneself. Any activity can be a mode of Saadhana; however, the most powerful means of Saadhana is Yogic meditation. Another important FACT to note is it is ineffective for selfish interests.

When a group of conscious human beings come together and focus on the same things simultaneously, the critical mass of consciousness required for the agreed change can be built immediately, and external change occurs instantaneously.

Listed below are some changes that every human being should focus on to leave a better place for our children

  • End of all Leaders who are myopic, autocratic, despotic, dictatorial, totalitarian, tyrannical, megalomaniacal, self-obsessed, and narcissistic as they are the real hindrances to formulating a sustainable strategy for global peace and harmony.
  • Start dismantling all weapons of mass destruction, a reminder of our animalistic past.
  •  Effectively curb and eventually end all speculative investment locally and globally; speculative investments are driven by the wealthy to steal more money from the ignorant and the not-so-fortunate. Investments should only be human value-based.
  • Restore the health of Mother Nature.
  • Invest more in ecologically friendly housing for humans, and develop clean and natural water resources, promote organic food, develop clean green renewable energy sources that should be available to every human being without any discrepancy.
  • End animal harvesting as a source of food for humans.
  • Bring forward leaders willing to overcome the barriers of history, race, color, creed, boundaries, and economic disparity. Leaders who are willing to strive for balance in the quality of life, comfort, safety, security, prosperity, and abundance not just for humans but also for plants and animals. The entire existence is alive. Leaders who understand the ONENESS OF IT ALL !!
  • Bring forward leaders willing to work to create a future that guarantees health care and optimum financial security for the citizens of the country they represent and the global human community.
  • End organizations and companies that are in business for profit only without any interest in contributing to the wealth and welfare of all the participants in their business model.
  • Remove those from positions of authority who are unwilling to be progressive in performing their duties by adopting a more responsible humane approach and fail to use engineering and technology to improve end-to-end efficiency.
  • Recreate the education system to include a curriculum that involves the emotional, psychological, and conscious development of a human child.
  • Recreate the education system to include a curriculum that demonstrates to the child the interconnection between human existence, the plant world, and the animal kingdom.

India has a lot to offer the world and the greatest gift that India can offer the world is YOGA.

Yoga is NOT an ancient myth buried in oblivion.

It is the most valuable inheritance from the past.

It is an essential need of today and the culture of tomorrow.

Yoga is the practice that offers a cure for all human suffering.

Yoga balances and centralizes the physical, emotional, psychological, and conscious aspects of human existence at the individual level and the level of co-existence in the ecosystem, we call mother earth.