We are all immersed in Creative Intelligence.

Creative Intelligence is Natural. It is that which is within and the same reflects outside.

Nature is the MOTHER of Creative Intelligence.

As we see the erosion of the condition of human inhabitancy in the cities, we will also see the erosion of creative intelligence in the cities.

Densely populated cities and centers of the city are BLIND SPOTS where Natural Creative Intelligence is not easily accessible.

Nevertheless, such blind spots shall not be conducive to the Spiritual growth of any individual, and this is evident from the exodus that we have been witnessing from the city into the more natural environment by the urban dweller as soon as there is an opportunity to do so, even if it is for short spells, which causes more chaotic disruption in their own lives.

If being in connection with Nature is not part of your Lifestyle, then Nature’s Creative Intelligence shall continue to be elusive.