Detachment is the most often used word in spirituality, it is ALSO the most misinterpreted state of being and the most over-explained word.

Human consciousness is attached at four points.

  • Physical attachment
  • Emotional attachment
  • Psychological attachment
  • Spiritual attachment

One must understand the meaning of authentic detachment

  • Physical detachment implies that the physical presence/absence of an individual does not affect the state of being of another.
  • Emotional detachment implies that one does not get caught in the emotional roller coaster of someone else’s life drama.
  • Psychological detachment implies that someone else’s ideology and philosophies do not affect or interfere with one’s own ideologies and philosophy about life and aspects of life as they continue to evolve into WISDOM.
  • Spiritual detachment implies that one shifts the INDIVIDUAL consciousness from the localized spirit embodied in the body to the greater spiritual consciousness of existence.

Once detachment is complete from all four aspects of human consciousness (i.e. one is free of all negative feelings, thoughts, and vibrations inside), there is an experience of blissful connectedness with greater consciousness.

All human attachments become pale and lifeless when pitted against the blissful connectedness with greater consciousness.

ONE becomes empty within, and the grace of existential consciousness fills up the VOID, silence prevails inside and outside.

Connectedness with greater consciousness gives Conscious Freedom!