Happy Diwali 2020,

This has been a year of deep introspection and with every challenge come a great opportunity to elevate oneself. Life in itself is an entrepreneurial engagement. Look at nature there is constant give and take happening between the elements of nature and the constituents of nature. The flow of the wind, the tides, the movement of the sun and the moon and in every activity there is exchange of energy. If you look at the helicopter view every activity, even the minutest activity affects the energy balance of the whole universe. The activity an individual engages in is as per the individual psyche, we are all instruments of consciousness. Consciousness choses each one of us for it’s purpose according to our psychological make up. It is all about the mindset. If one wishes to be a successful entrepreneur then the mantra is “Service Leadership”.

Why was Roger Steven the chosen one to be the super soldier? Now this is a movie and we can assume a high dose of fictional imagination, however look around there are superhumans everywhere, people who are doing things that an ordinary mind perceives as unimaginable. The secret is visualize the unimaginable and build your faith till your vision is superimposed on the screen of consciousness. If one can visualize and hold the faith through the life experiences, then it’s just a matter of time.

Listen to the audio, spend time to formulate your Vision, visualize and see how you would like to contribute improve the human quality of life, find likeminded thinkers , collaborate  and entrepreneurship will be a natural outcome once you are ready to serve the purpose of consciousness.

The Voice of Consciousness – Babafin!

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