There is nothing more powerful than failure. Let us look at what Failure truly is and how we perceive it when we are striving to accomplish a goal unconsciously.

Let us, think about failure using a simple yet profound life experience from our own personal life. I am sure we have all seen pictures of ourselves as an infant. What a magnificent journey learning to walk starting the journey from being a helpless lump of body mass looking at the ceiling with uncoordinated limbs and senses, and possibly a desire to become independently mobile. Much like what most of the humanity is experiencing now…. I cannot but laugh at our helpless situation.

I am sure we would accept and appreciate that as infants we must have really got bored of lying on the back and staring at the ceiling, wondering what can I do with my clumsy limbs, the desire to be free to move must have been overwhelming. That must have been the trigger when we decided I must make an attempt with whatever I have, thus starting our uncoordinated, unplanned and unknown journey to become free from our immobile/arrested state of being.

I am assuming this urge to become independent is a seed that can only grow in each one of us. This desire gives us the energy and the will to face the unknown, the caveat is are we capable of being child like? The Bible says “Only children can enter the Kingdom of the Lord”.

Thus, starts the infant’s first journey of attempts, trails and tribulations to accomplish NOT lying on back and watching the ceiling.

The infant starts making attempts to turn over, this requires finding the strength to rise on his two knees and hands and finding the balance on the four limbs, followed by learning to co-ordinate the movement of all the four limbs, eventually starts crawling and continues the efforts till it becomes fluent.Ever wondered what is driving the infant? Being an infant it cannot really understand anything about this world, I am sure the motivation must be coming from within by observing the people around him whom he sees walking and talking and it feels like emulating…who knows we can only guess.

Quietly, instinctively the infant then wants stand up on the two feet and starts seeking support. Once it finds the support (something that is steady and reliable) it develops the strength to stand up on the legs and eventually letting go of the support too as it takes the first baby steps. Even with the support the process of learning involves falling, getting hurt and doing it all over again. Is the child scared of falling and hurting itself?  , however it still does not give up till it gets the act  Every step, every fall consolidates the confidence and it finally the infant starts walking steadily and gradually with much more dexterity and speed.

I will leave it with you to establish the analogy between your first achievement and subsequent failure’s you may have experienced in life. The best learning comes from our own personal experience when we trace our own footprints from failure to success.

The same is the process with learning to become CONSCIOUS.

There are four stages to becoming firmly established in CONSCIOUSNESS

  • Unconsciously Incompetent   – Unaware of the Unknown
  • Consciously Incompetent         – Aware of the Unknown
  • Consciously Competent           – Accepting the Unknown
  • Unconsciously Competent        – Knowing the Unknown

Failure is the outcome of mis-alignment between vision, skill, thoughts, emotions, words and actions, once all come aligned the other side of failure comes into sight. If you have been striving to accomplish a goal and have been experiencing failure rest assured success has already arrived, you just have change the perspective.


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