As any virus/bacteria/infectious micro organism there are precaution to be taken which every responsible individual should. However the individual susceptibility, morbidity and fatality depends on the individuals physical, mental, emotional and spiritual constitution. Primarily any disease is caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal conflict or stress – medically termed as a psychosomatic condition. 

Every human today has conflicts within on a variety of issues that plague the modern man. These conflict primarily arise when the natural evolution of the individual towards self realization is disrupted due to the complexities of the life and the inability to spend time on understanding the self.

Thanks to social media, COVID has become the psychological limit of the collective human mind.

It has now become a mass psychosis illness.

To add to this every sentiment of human that can be used to generate disparity, selfishness and fear has been used in the past , is being used now and shall continue to be used by organised institutions for establishing social and financial dominance over the ignorant masses. I am privileged to know a noble soul (a medical practitioner par excellence) who has imparted unbiased and truthful guidance to my family and myself on numerous occasions, he concurs with the psychosis assessment of COVID, that is the real problem rather than the virus itself.

Ignorance implies humans who are educated yet fail to apply their intelligence (Read my blog : REST THE BRAIN USE YOUR INTELLIGENCE!) to understand the natural abilities of this human body and our true nature to overcome and evolve, instead many choose to focus and be influenced by external propaganda towards a vested interest, that can neither be accepted as truth nor  be discarded as false. Further adding to the inner conflict and increasing the severity of the mental modifications – these are the ones that succumb to the virus due to psychosis. Then there are some individuals who have found purpose as messiahs to help the society by becoming social crusader and prefects to propagate the fear aspect associated with the spread of the virus with all noble intent. It is absolutely hilarious to see some of the messages these crusaders post on social media, it seems like they are in a conflict zone fighting the white walkers from the game of thrones. Talk about misguided purpose.

Look at the overall positive impact on nature barring the collapse of economies across the globe. Any economy that fails in a matter of months could not have been built on robust principles governing human life and equanimous existence for all that constitutes our universe. There was an imbalance that reflected in the human psyche. The corrective energy has taken over and balance shall be restored.

The answer lies in breaking our own individual psychological limit by overcoming the internal conflicts. Look around there are millions who do not fear COVID, use them as your energy centers and overcome this self imposed psychosis. Today there are so many cases of rapid and full recovery. Fatalities will happen they are the absolute and the only TRUTH in each one of our lives, accept it.There is absolutely no reason why the return to normal life should be delayed any further, the psychosis will resolve when people mingle recreating their new balanced lives.



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