Some of the Terms and Conditions that one should be aware of when seeking employment at GOD Inc.
  • Paper degrees not a prerequisite for employment at GOD Inc, life experiences are required.
  • You are your own boss , you choose your own role, responsibility and duty.
  • Whatever you do, do it with passion, commitment and do not fear being judged by others.
  • There are no work timings, no paper contracts,  no salary , no perks and no guarantees whatsoever.
  • Your scope of work can include anything, it depends on your understanding about the ways of GOD and your willingness to serve.
  • Appraisals are a continuous process and you can be appraised by anyone anytime.
  • If you believe you know GOD, your promotion is on HOLD.
  • You can have an  holiday anytime, his Kingdom does not STOP without you, you become meaningless without him.
  • There is no fake and fluctuating currency, all your needs that are aligned with your life path are full filled when the time is right, Faith is the currency of GOD.
  • His Kingdom works on his timeline, not yours.
  • Family takes precedence, all are family.
Some things you need to be aware off 
  • Everything and everyone has a role in GOD Inc, thus everything and everyone  is to be  respected. Even shit is manure for someone.
  • Your body is an instrument he uses to see , feel, hear others. Best is to maintain a neutral perspective when observing others. Judge and you shall be judged. 
  • He expects, the least you can give someone is your time and be compassionate – Listen when spoken to.
  • There is no benchmark for goodness, even the smallest and the most insignificant act / thought done spontaneously can be greater than a well thought out plan to help someone.
  • Growing in faith and becoming independent is the name of the game.
  • Everyone has access to knowledge, how to use the knowledge to instill faith, unlock wisdom and abundance,  is up to the individual self.
  • You have access to everything but remember you do not own it.
If you are persistent in playing this game of hide and seek with him, he will reveal himself to you, when depends on when you transcends YOUR limited intellect and logic, you will be surprised to know who he is NOT.
The Golden Rules
  • Only Children have access to the Kingdom of GOD. 
  • Remember he is the most compassionate and the most ruthless.
  • Be Humble in every situation and to everyone.
  • Appreciate everything and everyone.
  • Do not judge those who are ruthless with you, they are helping you to become a child.
  • Whatever you think is yours will be taken away.
  • Knowledge will betray you, when it matters the most only your faith in him shall prevail.
  • Every time you fall, get up and start all over again.
  • Whatever you fear, he will show you.
  • Whatever you try to possess will be given to someone he decides, when he decides and how he decides.
  • Your struggle to defeat him, will weaken you but your struggle to understand him, will strengthen you.
  • Compete at your own risk.
  • Give what you want, give wisely. 
  • Be prepared to be born again, do not fear death.
  • To be like him, become detached. Puppets are attached to strings.
  • Be prepared to be re-built, do not live in the past or the future, be in the now.
  • To confuse him, Laugh at yourself.
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Disclaimer: God is not restricted by gender, as I am a male, I find it easier to personify him as a male. If I were a female,  I am sure God would  then be a she.