The Ultimate Guru!!

The Ultimate Guru is Consciousness! That which is around us and within each one of US. Everything comes under the control of consciousness. Consciousness has ZERO tolerance for individual personality. One can follow any guru to come onto the path of spirituality however to transcend the individual personality and the limited mind, all that has been learnt has to be emptied and there has to be absolute surrender.

Absolute surrender by the Nature of the Spiritual Ascension is a state of being that Consciousness shall take any and every individual to once the individual embarks upon the journey of seeking the meaning of this life.

So, what is Personality?

Personality refers to the unique set of traits, characteristics, and behaviours that define an individual and distinguish them from others. It encompasses a person’s thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and patterns of behaviour that are relatively consistent across different situations and over time. Absolute and authentic surrender can only happen to the SELF and the UNKNOWN! Never to any other INDIVIDUAL or the KNOWN. Guru is a person who prepares an individual for this day!! The day of the Leap of Faith!

Faith is a term that can have different meanings depending on the context. At its core, faith generally refers to a belief or trust in something, often without concrete proof or evidence. It is most likely to involve a willingness to take risks or to believe in possibilities, even in the absence of concrete evidence or certainty.

Overall, faith can be seen as a deeply personal and subjective experience and can play a significant role in shaping one’s worldview, values, and sense of purpose.

The Leap of Faith is the penultimate step to Self-Realisation. Don’t rush to take the Leap of Faith, gain a clear understanding in the mind by observation of cause and effect and understand the ways of consciousness to communicate and steer. The moment the individual takes the Leap of Faith the Guru disappears.

The last journey of life is walking on an un-tread path, trusting the unknown as a reliable friend.

Self-Realisation is the purpose of Life – Nothing else; everything else we do is a means to get to that understanding.