Everyone talks of happiness and very often we relate being happy to a something external.The source of authentic happiness is within, it is a state of being termed as “CONTENTMENT”

One can be content only when they are at the center of their existence.Being at the center of your existence simply means that the mind, the body, the heart and the soul are aligned and stable. Contentment.

Contentment is an internal feeling of CALM when the thoughts of the mind are supported by the actions of the body, the action of the body generate positive sustainable emotions, and all of this satisfies your soul. Once you are at the center of your existence, the calmness that you feel is something that to be experienced, once you have had this experience you tend to  want more of it and nothing else interests you as much.

As you become accustomed to being in the center of your existence, you will start experiencing the power of the mind to Create. The challenge is that the mind, body, heart and the soul are separated in a labyrinth called life that you have created and trapped yourself in. Only you can control your mind and bring the body and the heart to the Soul. The EMPEROR sits in the center.