There is a perfectly valid scientific reason why not to see the Eclipse (Solar / Lunar) and these must be adhered too.

However more than that there is a greater psychological reason why not to see the Solar / the Lunar eclipse. The Sun and the moon are enormously powerful entities of our human universe. They have been given the designation of being GODS in the Vedas. The sun is the cause of all life and existence on planet earth and the moon is the cause of all that is cyclic in nature. Both play a crucial role in sustaining the balance of life for us humans on this planet earth. The sun’s diameter is about 400 times larger than that of the moon – and the sun is also about 400 times farther from Earth than the moon

The Solar eclipse is a time when the moon blocks/comes in the way of the sun partially for a short period of time and the sun despite being the center of our universe experiences helplessness. Sun is the epitome of goodness and godliness that burns itself to give us light and heat. The Solar eclipse is a period when the Sun is said to be overpowered by a small entity like the moon and it is indeed a very humble moment for the Sun God. Thus, as a token of respect the Vedas and the Upanishads have the do’s and the don’ts, specified for us to follow in such moments.

In the Vedantic system everything whether it is considered as alive or lifeless, conscious, or unconscious is considered to be the creation of the creator and thus it is emphasized that everything should be respected (Pujyak).

The Sun, the moon, and the planets, are all enormously powerful celestial beings that sustain our existence on this planet earth. It is simple psychology; Sun is a powerful entity and when it is going through a such a humbling moment, we as humans should as a minimum ensure that for those few hours, we maintain a dignified cognizance of his feelings in our routine life. As much as we may want and despite our best intention it is not be possible for majority of us humans to completely follow the guidance in the Vedas.

There is another important lesson for humanity to learn, someone million of miles away and many times smaller can have an influence on your existence. We must learn to respect everything and everyone that is part of this existence.

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