​Sunil Tapse has had a very unique and an adventurous life. He started his career as a commercial diver and is very accomplished professionally in a career that very few in India are aware of even today. He is passionate about motor cycling and is anything that is fearful to many ignites his spirit. His life experiences have taught him that every challenge in life is an opportunity to rise to a greater level of consciousness. We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. Thus, our existence is in two worlds – the physical and the metaphysical. The bridge between the physical and the metaphysical is paved with Human Values. In 2015, he heeded his call and started his journey as a seeker. He has now published two books that can be used as stepping stones to discover our true nature, we human beings having a spiritual experience. The path of self-discovery/self -realization is unique for each one. The two books lay down the 10 codes and the 11 principles, which once understood and practiced will help any individual realize their true nature through their own personal experience. His efforts have been to simplify the concepts of Spirituality to sync with the new world order that is evolving. basically unpacking the old ideas into a style that is easy , rises above all the discriminations that have been forced upon us from the past and thus more understandable  and meaningful to the modern man.

Sunil also practices Vipassana meditation technique and keeps track of the latest scientific developments that unravel the mystery between our inner world and the outer world. 


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