A lot has been said about achieving Human Excellence. Human excellence is an attribute that is used to describe a Human Being of exceptional integrity. Integrity is key to achieving Human Excellence. Integrity simply means being true to your personal belief system whilst at the same time respecting that of the others equally.

Statement A) We are all masterpieces, creation of god!
Statement B) We are all masterpieces, creation of god. Each one born with unlimited potential that we need to discover within ourselves.

Statement A is True but incomplete and misleading. Statement B has better worthiness in terms of defining us humans, the potential that is within us, our purpose of life and supports the analogy that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. So, if some tells you are a master-piece, think carefully. Human excellence is a journey of continuous improvement, not to be confused with perfection. Perfection is a temporary state that at best can be described as a steppingstone.

Human excellence is the final destination of an internal journey an individual willingly decides to embark upon. One must be a good human being, be passionate about achieving excellence in any field of human endeavor and be willing to:

  1. Understand dharma and imbibe dharma in every aspect of individual life – respect for all.
  2. Learn how to conserve, enhance and channelize the Pranic energy to strive for Dharma – discipline and meaningful purpose.
  3. Detach from anything and anyone that serves no purpose – focused living.
  4. Rise above duality – integrating as opposed to being divisive – oneness.

Purpose is defined by individual passion. Thus, we may state that human excellence is – the alignment and integration of the mind, the body, the heart and the spirit with one’s belief – all the transformation is within the individual’s body leading to the realization of oneness in the external world. It is a lot of focused dedication and hard work at a level invisible on the outside. From an external perspective it seems effortless.

*Good Human Being is One whose intent is never to cause hurt or harm to anyone. As long as we are in the human form, we all make mistakes knowingly/unknowingly, acceptance that this is a flaw in each one of us and forgiving and helping others to overcome their mistake is the key overcoming our flaws. So, unless we are willfully wishing bad upon others, we can safely consider ourselves a good human being.

*Dharma: Dharma is the common unifying thread that connects the entire existence, it represents the entirety of existence, if any one aspect is suffering then the entire will suffer, e.g. if the foot is hurting then entire body will suffer, not just the foot. Dharma is like a garland of flowers, the thread that holds all the flowers in the garland is the essence of Dharma. The one that connects each one of us with everyone and everything is Dharma. Like air connects each one of us with each other and everything that is in the ecosystem of air, earth connects us to each and everything that is held in cusp of earth i.e. the ocean, the mountains and the rivers. We are thus connected; we are one living entity. Being aware of this connected-ness is the essence of Dharma.

*Pranic energy – The life sustaining energy that finds expression through us. “Pran” in Sanskrit means that which keeps us alive, Pranic energy is that which gives us life and it has to be expended or expressed.


Everyone is born with the potential to achieve human excellence in any field of their choice. Human Excellence cannot be associated with name, fame and richness. Human Excellence is all about the realization of the self and that everyone one is part of ONE. Journey of human excellence inspires others to realize their own potential.

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