No one I know of, would like to take a decision that proves wrong. History is full of such examples; it is a classical pattern that culminates in mankind coming together in the true spirit of humanity and emerging successful, how long we take to realize this is the seven billion dollar question.

We must take cognizance of the fact that with any event there are four factors that affect the reality perception of every individual and all these factors are dynamic,

  • Time
  • Place
  • Situation
  • Mindset

Take any event where there are multiple people, each will create a different perception of the event, ever wondered why? The answer lies in each individual’s mindset, it varies no matter what. Then there are individuals who use the event as an opportunity to influence others with their perception sometime for vested interest or to simply be critical.

Let us take the example of this ongoing pandemic, it has been a challenge to strike a balance between what to save as a matter of priority, human life, or the life sustaining economy. We Indians chose to safeguard life as our priority and rightfully so.However, the fact is that even today no one has access to full and authentic information and thus are unable to make an accurate prediction how this will evolve and resolve. Despite that everyone wants to impress others with their logical prowess, totally oblivious of the fact the others are doing the same. To make matters worse we get into a battle of logic-gratification and send out  emotionally energized brain wave frequency in the eco-system that makes the real situation totally murky, for everyone. This induces fear into the minds of individuals who are already confused. Not everyone can handle darkness well, even a piece of rope seems like a snake in a dark alley to the fearful.

Majority of us are playing logical ping pong on social platforms, the character that resonates with such behavior is akin to a fuzzy logician, fuzzy logic is like a spinning top, spinning and bouncing all over without being firmly pivoted.To control the uncontrollable is not just impossible but outright foolhardy and wishful thinking, only a fuzzy logician can harbor and promote such a desire. To predict and control the behavior of a billion people is simply not a realistic expectation, but to control one’s mind and statements in public and on social platforms is a realistic possibility for a conscious and a steady minded individual.

There is always a point of no recovery, have we crossed that point where the state of the economy will push many more including the under privileged to a point of desperation much worse than if they were to actually be out there and face the consequence? Also appreciate that the so called privileged cannot cocoon themselves eternally and expect to remain untouched by the effects of a downward spiraling economy. Let us not be delusional everyone is exposed.Look at the image used for this blog very carefully, this is what every individual is doing: transmitting negative information without being conscious of the adverse effect on the overall situation. rendering the underlying picture completely distorted.

As a conscious individual I would start proactively cultivating the idea that it is now time for mankind to firmly stop their negative rhetoric on social platform, stop criticizing each other and start positively coming together, accepting that logic and analysis have reached a clear limitation. It is time to face the situation in absolute appreciation of the fact that decision that were taken by those in power and the subject matter experts at a point of time in the past were with the noblest of the intent to avert/minimize the loss of life. That phase is over. Now we need to save the life sustaining economy, till we don’t step into the next phase we will continue in a state of limbo.

Logic is a good tool for dissecting and analyzing a situation in hindsight and learn to better equip our self for a future re-occurrence. Almost every time  when humanity has found itself in a perishable situation, we have had to go beyond logic to overcome the fear and the situation, however because majority of us are only intellectually tuned, logic shall always be the first response of humanity and it would be hard to justify not exercising the same, so it has been.

History is proof that in challenging circumstances like these mankind has invoked faith by elevating the individual and collective consciousness thus overcoming fear and survived, when they came united in the true spirit of humanity. Eventually forgetting the lesson once again. Consciousness is trying once gain to teach us a simple lesson “United we stand – divided we fall”. It is no longer about the Chinese, the American or the Indian …it is about US as humans, how we come united and rise. Of-course in a drama we will have heroes and villains these are just characters enacting the role as dictated by their natural inclination of how they have  been selfless or selfish.

Life is a play of consciousness, to extradite ourselves we have to raise our consciousness.

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  • Faith is about having coherent beliefs about the higher purpose and meaning about the self, the universe and life. Coherency is achieved when we understand that we are all connected as ONE and are experiencing this situation from different levels of consciousness.
  • As a diver a few decades ago when working on the sea-bed, the seabed would naturally get disturbed , the visibility would drop and I would not be able to see anything clearly. In such times I would sit still and allow the silt to settle, slowly but surely the visibility would return and I could see what needs to be done next. This is a quite simple and a practical example that every individual must consciously practice now, is to still the mind,  avoid negative rhetoric and allow the murkiness to settle a path is there we just cannot see it now.