We are social creatures. Science is confirming what many people have known for decades, that is, relationships are important for our well-being and our health. However, we must invest our Pranic energy* only in relations that are mutually energizing. This is the key to building a sustainable energy grid from relations.

What are innergizing relations?

Innergizing relations are those where the interaction results in all the participating individuals feeling positively motivated and empowered by each other from within. The five key attributes of such energizing relations are

  • Individuals are emotionally in tune with each other.
  • They appreciate the strengths of each other, explore how to use them to synergize rather than use competitively against each other.
  • Such relations are mutually appreciative, authentic, critical feedback is handled with care and without judgement.
  • Practice equality in terms of expression of thoughts and emotions.
  • Have an undisputed common point of agreement, that is the driver for all parties to make reasonable efforts to improve themselves to meet the higher objective collectively.

Today families, businesses, associations, collaborations, and partnerships fail only because they cannot establish a common goal and apply their collective consciousness toward achieving that goal.

There are 7 key aspects to improving relations

  • Understanding oneself.
  • Being grateful, accepting and appreciative of each other.
  • Understanding each other’s personal objective, being supportive and nurturing each other to achieve that objective.
  • Move away from reactions, re calibrating to respond and strengthen weak point.
  • Manage individual Pranic energy.
  • Demonstrate by action what one chooses to preach.
  • Let go of the past, be in the now and have a vision of the future.
  • Grow Spiritually.

Anyone who wishes to improve relations must be willing to invest their time into making positive changes to themselves once the root cause of their own sensitivity is identified. It is about becoming resilient and compassionate at the same time. Focus has to be on the self.

Pranic energy: the core energy of an individual.

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