One of the two most powerful Vedic mantra that captures the essence of the entire Vedas is the Śivayajurmantra

 करपुर गौराराम करुणा अवतारम्म

संसार साराम, भुजगेन्द्र हराम,

सादा वसंतनम हृदय रविंदे,

भवम भवानी साहिताम नमामि

 Let us look at this mantra word by word what it means

करपुर गौराराम – The one who is like camphor and has the color of camphor. In the Vedas Camphor is considered to be life giving and also wards of evil.

करुणा अवतारम्म – The personification of Compassion.

संसार साराम – It is the essence of life.

भुजगेन्द्र हराम – The one who wears the serpent king around his neck.

सादा वसंतनम – He is always residing

हृदय रविंदे – In the heart

भवम भवानी – He is resident with Bhawani (Shakti)

साहिताम नमामि – Always for your welfare, Bow to them.

It clearly spells out the presence of the Mahadev and Parvati in our hearts.

It also states that their nature is Karuna, Compassion. Many people feel that if they are compassionate, they have the blessings of the Lord and that is true to a certain limit. However, beyond a certain limit both Mahadev and Shakti also represent the KAAL aspect of MahaKali and Kaalbhairav for those who fail to understand that essence of life.

Instrument of Consciousness.

Lord Krishna is the finest example of being an instrument Consciousness he was the epitome of compassion, epitome of courage, epitome of justice, epitome of wisdom, epitome of power, epitome of cheating, epitome of violence, epitome of cunningness, epitome of cowardice , epitome of ignorance, epitome of weakness et all,  basically he was the epitome of whatever was projected upon him, this is only possible when one becomes the instrument of consciousness and rises above the duality of existence. An instrument of consciousness can move in the spectrum of duality unchecked and unhindered. They are Master Politicians who can feel anyone’s pulse just by thinking of them. Do not ever make the mistake of projecting negativity/judgement on an instrument of consciousness, one will only see it magnified all around themselves. The one next to you NOW could be an instrument of consciousness.

NAMASTE is the key to everyone’s success!

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Essentially as one moves through subtler and subtler contexts, lesser energy is required in the maintenance of operations in the being because the energy is not getting short circuited by the egoic filter.

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