The human form is put together by the intelligence of the spirit in the mother’s womb.

However, once the foetus is formed the creation has to transcend the womb into a new world,  the material world (the world of afflictions), this journey of the foetus from the womb to the material world is akin to the reverse journey of the human being from the material world back into the spiritual realm, it is dark, painful and it involves severing the umbilical.

However in many cases, because humans cannot let go of material afflictions they return back into the material world in the human form until such time that they cut the cord from the material afflictions.

The spiritual energy (spiritual affinity) of the individual at the time of birth indicates the human journey of the individual towards spirituality.

The Spiritual energy of the human being gets locked up in

  • Material assets (All – No one has ever taken any material asset back with them).
  • Relations (All – Where there is excessive attachment, no one comes into being and goes out of being together)
  • Sense gratification (Pleasure, Sex, Food, Drugs  and Alcohol)
  • Ego gratification (Name, Fame, Position, Superiority Complex, Intellect and Comparanoia)

Eventually comes a time when one pays the price of the depleted spirit, when the spiritual energy is low all sorts of health issues start to crop up. This is the sign one must pay attention to, as this indicated that one has gone of the path of the spirit and depleted the spiritual energy.

The Spirit creates with ease, but the human ego takes the credit.

The Spirit can also give up with ease, but the human ego cannot let go.


As the birth of the foetus is liberating for the human form, similarly, the transcendence of the human being into the spiritual realm is many times more liberating and a step in the direction of spiritual realization.

However, letting go is the greatest challenge for self-realisation until such time that the ego controls the individual mind. The worst kind of ego is the subtle ego (where the logic is strongly at play but the individual display naivety) that conjures all sorts of reasons in the mind not just to hold on to but make efforts to consolidate all positions. Positions that have to be let go of at the time of physical death.

Integrating the Soul and releasing the spiritual energy from all bondage of the mind is the key to transcending material afflictions and self-realization.

This can only happen when the individual has satiated all his/her material, relational, sense gratification and ego gratification desires.