The word intelligence is misconstrued with the intellectual capability of an Individual.

The intellectual capability of an Individual is the information, knowledge and to some extent the wisdom an individual acquires in a lifetime (a limited time span) in an area of specific interest.

Intelligence on the other hand is the intellectual wealth that exists in all of the existence @ time eternal (a static Point in Time). Time eternal is time that has gone by, time that is, and time that is yet to be experienced, in one moment.

Intelligence is the ability that has been carefully developed by an individual through life experience that allows the individual to access all the knowledge and wisdom regarding any subject concisely at any point in time.

This comes in the form of intuition and thus cannot be supported by any external evidence or be proven by logical evaluation of a situation, as all these do not exist in eternal time but in linear non-sequential time and spread across multiple parallel realities.

The future is that which you are able to FEEL internally when meditating, the realization of that future depends on your practice (sadhana), principles, perseverance, and faith.

Unleashing Intelligence is about appreciating and accepting all the dichotomies of life in the present moment and stepping into the future optimistically.

The ease with which one appreciates and accepts change is directly proportional to the ease with which IN-telligence flows. BE LIGHT FOR DELIGHT!!