The future belongs to those who are willing to invest their energy in the good of humanity and existence. INTENT is the only thing that matters. The most incompetent person can be chosen by consciousness for the most coveted position, that is the magic democracy. Consciousness ensures that he/she becomes competent through experience. History is proof of this. INTENT matters. However, it must also be noted that: The moment the person chosen by Consciousness starts becoming arrogant, he/she starts their own downfall.

Humility and authenticity have been and shall continue to be very crucial keys in being in and effectively executing such positions of service.

For us as responsible and conscious citizens, it is important that we observe all public personalities and those representing the public collectively and developments with an unbiased mindset and make critical observations based on their behavior, attitude, and decisions.

A person in service to the public cannot afford to be ARROGANT, if he continues to do so he/she is not fit to be in that position.

Below are some of the things that I believe we all would like to see in REFLECTING back from a Progressive Leader. As an INSTRUMENT OF CONSCIOUSNESS!

  • Who must be steadfast in the INTENT to serve the Nation without any personal agenda whatsoever? This should be seen in his thoughts, words, and actions and he/she should be aware that they are answerable to the public.
  • He / She shall be loved and adored by the Nation when he/she gets elected.
  • He / She shall be INDEPENDENT not be surrounded or supported by sycophants in his journey to the POSITION and thereafter too.
  • He / She shall be a FAMILY-orientated person, and his/her family should be standing next to him or her.
  • He / She should pursue any disciplinary art form that reflects he cares for his/her own body.
  • He / She shall be educated and have a legacy of serving the Nation.
  • He / She shall be reasonably young, display a high level of physical fitness, and be capable of serving the nation for the next decade or more.
  • He / She should be emotionally balanced and psychologically receptive to respectful criticism and display OPENNESS to new concepts.
  • He / She shall not move his hands and point fingers when he is communicating with anyone.
  • He / She shall not reflect anger in his eyes, body language,  thoughts, words, and actions.
  • He / She shall ensure and be personally responsible for the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual safety and security of every citizen.
  • He / She shall be critical and yet supportive of the opposition, where they are trying to make a positive contribution.
  • He / She shall speak fluently, clearly, and coherently on all aspects of the Ministries he represents.
  • He / She shall be connected to the population.
  • He / She shall not disown the less privileged citizens and humans in our society to create delusions.
  • He / She shall protect the interest and the rights of the farmers, farmers are the food makers for Humanity.
  • He / She shall RESPECT the SOLDIER of the nation AS the greatest SERVICE offered to the NATION by its citizens.
  • He / She shall fiercely destroy fake social media representations at every level, that mis-guides and take advantage of the sentiment of citizens who are unable to distinguish the fake from the authentic.
  • He or she shall not reflect narcissistic behavior. Leadership is not limited to ONE person.
  • He / She shall resonate with the Global Youth authentically.
  • He / She shall NOT take the credit for all accomplishments that happen in his/her term in the office. SUCCESS is a progressive realization of a worthy ideal, the foundation of which had been laid in the past.
  • He / She shall not abuse any authority bestowed upon them as the right of the position of serving the nation and its citizens.
  • He / She shall follow the highest standards of the Contractual Evaluation Process. commercially, technically, operationally, and sustainably. He / She shall fight corruption at every level.
  • He / She shall not favour any Business Entity, All Large established and reputed conglomerates and SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) shall be engaged in policy-making, decision-making, and awarding of CONTRACTS of National Interest and Strategy.
  • He / She shall not take credit to be a SUBJECT MATTER EXTERT on any matter, except display HUMILITY and AUTHENTICITY.
  • He / She shall ensure that the minimum wage for skilled laborers is aligned with
  • He / She shall direct the scientific community to discover sustainable energy sources that can be accessible at no cost to everyone, irrespective of any classification.
  • He / She will abolish the differentiation based on caste, creed, race, or religion.
  • He / She shall promote small and medium businesses and entrepreneurship, through simplified loans and relaxed taxation.
  • He / She shall be able to speak REGULARLY to any righteous and reputed journalist who wishes to INTERVIEW him/her and answer all the questions with authenticity.
  • He / She shall not act as being superior to any citizen of the Nation.
  • He / She shall respect the history of the Nation as an Integral Character of the Nation.
  • He / She shall respect all religions. Protect and nurture all religions – (INCLUSIVITY)! The bottom line for any punishment shall be the disruption of peaceful co-existence and harmony at a scale that can be defined as a collective disturbance.
  • He / She shall promote all progressive ideas that shall improve the life of the citizens, irrespective of where the idea is originating from.
  • He / She shall respect the diversity of the Nation and the entire world.
  • He / She shall not interfere with autonomous institutions that are in place to ensure that the government’s performance is held accountable from start to end.
  • He / She shall care for nature and the environment as he would care for his family.
  • He / She should implement strong urban development laws REDUCE environmental pollution and work tirelessly to restore environmental balance through the restoration of forests and natural ecosystems.
  • He / She shall reduce the destruction of our natural forests, flora, and fauna and keep virgin spaces that can only be visited by the highly conscious.
  • He / She shall devise a very robust healthcare system for every citizen of the nation especially the elderly.
  • He / She shall simplify the TAXATION system, to an extent that it comes off the calendar and happens automatically. Taxes should be completely removed from the financial system.
  • He / She shall encourage the entry of educated, authentically driven, and passionate YOUTH into Politics with a Service mindset. These youth should be offered Protection.
  • He / She shall protect the individual citizen’s money invested in instruments and components of the free market economy.
  • He / She shall strive to make education free for all. The education system shall be revisited.
  • He / She shall immediately END the entry of criminals into the Political system.
  • He / She shall ensure that organic and healthy food is available to all its citizens, and we should be able to share that with the world.
  • He / She shall ensure that all steps are towards ensuring that every citizen has the opportunity to earn the highest income for simply participation in inputs on nation-building, conservation, and enrichment.
  • He / She shall be a Young and Strong family figure to the Nation.
  • He / She shall be respected by every citizen of India as a good human being.
  • He / She shall end conflicts in the country before being a peacekeeper for the WORLD.
  • He / She shall construct modern spaces, that will reflect the rich ANCIENT knowledge and wisdom, these shall reflect the architectural heritage of our CULTURE.
  • Humanitarianism, Science, and Technology shall be the criteria to show a Nation’s Conscious Manifestation.
  • Yoga/Vipassana and other traditional spiritual sciences SHALL be promoted.
  • Every citizen can choose the way he/she wishes to live life, so long as it does not disrupt the peaceful co-existence and harmony of the community.