The difference between Conscious and Unconscious Human beings is

  • The lack of Judgment and expectation.
  • The need to control anything or anyone.
  • The attachment to result/outcome.
  • The awareness that the only thing to maintain within the ability of the Individual is a clear and good intent for all.
  • Do whatever is possible within one’s individual ability. physically, mentally, and psychologically, whilst maintaining peace and harmony.
  • Actively engage in a creative endeavor that is solely driven, learned, and executed based on a vision.
  • Being grateful for everything that is being experienced, maintain a positive mindset, judge no one , be in acceptance.
  • Maintain a balanced diet and a balanced lifestyle.
  • Move from attachment to connectedness.
  • Free the mind from past memory and future imagination.
  • Un-mesh from relationship conflicts to a middle path.
  • Politely say “NO” to anyone and anything that is not aligned with your inner VOICE, it’s no longer about the right and the wrong it’s about the WILL of Consciousness.
  • Focus on being independent.
  • Minimize social media for self-glorification, and use it to spread the goodness of existence in moderation.
  • Take up a challenge with yourself to improve yourself – do not seek external validation, know that authentic validation comes from within and needs no validation.
  • Respect nature and the environment, and LOVE animals.
  • Do things differently – do not repeat the same experience repeatedly, year after year.
  • Moving towards a more harmonious living with nature.
  • Feel no guilt/obligation to dis-associate from people who are not resonating with you at this moment, keep doors open, and be open to pick up threads once in resonance – there are NO enemies just low resonance.
  • Study deeply a subject of social relevance and identify what needs to be changed and discuss the same with like-minded people and build awareness or deeply meditate upon the same. Deep mediation has a greater effect.
  • Be respectful and aware that each is at a different level of conscious awareness and thus may be reacting to a situation based on a limited understanding of a situation or a myopic view of universal intelligence.
  • It may seem that an individual has no purpose, but be aware that the universe has a purpose for everyone and everything.
  • Minimize wastage of food and overindulgence.
  • Mediate or take up a Saadhana (Spiritual Practice).
  • Be heart-centered always as opposed to emotionally volatile.
  • Practice Silence when words are not effective, one soon realizes that Silence is more effective than words. Words cause more damage than ammunition.
  • Stay away from politics, religion, and gossip.
  • Seek joy in simple things.
  • Empathize as opposed to being sympathetic. No self-respecting individual seeks pity, listening, and understanding are great for healing. It is human to err and we all are humans.
  • Apologize without inhibition.
  • The present and the future are all (nowhere) NOW-HERE!

It is not possible to accomplish all these at the same time, but as one makes progress on one aspect naturally the ripple effects of raised consciousness level will have an impact on the other.

CHANGE is inevitable and Consciousness is taking all of us through different paths and experiences to a greater understanding of life.

A foolish friend will cause more harm than a wise adversary! Choose friends with care!!

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