The dissolution of the individual MIND is the pen-ultimate stage of Union with Consciousness.

The term used in YOGA is Chitta Vritti Nirodha: It means the that mind attains a state of “cessation”.

When the union occurs the state of the body will define the purpose that can be assigned to an individual by consciousness.



There are the eight aspects of YOGA

  1. Yama – External Disciplines
  2. Niyama – Internal Disciplines
  3. Asana – Postures
  4. Pranayama – Breathing Control
  5. Pratyahara – Withdrawal from Senses
  6. Dharana – Dharana (Ideology) Preparing to receive the energy to serve a purpose; Dharana is also the seed with which an individual is born.
  7. Dhyana – Meditation upon the Dharana
  8. Samadhi – Integration

Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama are all stages associated with the body function. The Body is the instrument of action and experience and therefore unless and until the body has not reached a state of balance and centering one cannot be considered ready to receive the flow of consciousness.

Pratyahara is the transition from the outside to the inside: ” Pratyahara literally means “control of ahara,” or “gaining mastery over external influences.” The ahara means food, food for the body, the mind, the heart and the Spirit. Pratyahara is twofold. It involves withdrawal from inputs that are non-conducive for to acquire the stability of the body, while simultaneously opening up to food, emotions and associations that are resonant and or of higher nature. Maintaining authenticity of thoughts and feelings establishes brain and heart coherence. The heart energy is 8000 times stronger than the brain energy, however if there is incoherence i.e. when the brain and the heart are in conflict it causes emotional instability.Emotion is energy that moves and a powerful positive emotion is nuclear power for creation. 

Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi are functions of the mind and performed in the inner space. The word Dharana is a wonderful example of the dexterity of the Sankrit language to reveal the secrets of science and spirituality.

  • Dharana – Ideology/Purpose; (chosen for / to choose.)
  • Dharak – The one who receives
  • Dhara – Foundation
  • Dharan – Holding Capacity (Dam)

I had read that the amount of conscious energy that can pass through the human body is so immense that it if the body is not ready it can cause permanent damage to the instrument. 

Now there is scientific evidence that proves the flow of conscious energy through the human body; that occurs in the state of deep meditation when the body is balanced, centered, the brain and heart are in coherence.

When the individual mind completely ceases to exist that is a state of state of meditation termed as  “Turiya” – deep sleep, the fourth stage. In a private scientific experiment, with the help of modern diagnostic instruments  it has been measured that in trained individual who is in the Turiya meditative state, the energy that passed through the system was recorded at 43000 x the normal energy. In this particular instance the person recovered from a chronic illness in that moment. The magnitude of the energy is directly linked to the state of the individual’s faith, core strength/health/well being, individualistic foundational values and the dharana chosen by consciousness for that individual. 

This conscious energy when flows will change everything internally in a moment. Once the internal energy is changed the same will reflect in the external environment almost instantaneously. The outside then becomes the cause of the effect inside. 

The entire process of YOGA/Vipassna/ any other disciplinary practice is called Sadhana – Sadhan – aa, Saadhan is the means and aa means to call in i.e. attract. Attracting the means of fulfilling the dharana that has been activated. Samadhi is oneness with the object of meditation. Every Dharana is fulfilled only through conscious energy.

The journey starts when an individual steps into the realms of seeking to understand and know the mystical power. It is a calling. A dissolved mind is the most powerful instrument of creation. 

The last journey of life is walking alone on an un-tread path, trusting the unknown as a reliable friend.


Ending the blog here for the reader to draw their own conclusion through their own personal life experiences when things have changed miraculously, those are small glimpses of THE GREATNESS that is within each one of us waiting to be unlocked.

History has documented such miracles associated with individuals who achieved Human Excellence.

The Bhagavata Purana narrates that after meeting his friend, Krishna and his elder brother walked through the streets of Mathura and encountered Kubja, a young hunchback maidservant of the king . She had a beautiful face and carried a plate of ointment with her. Krishna praises her beauty and asks for ointment in return for a boon. She introduces herself as Trivakra, one who is bent in three places. Mesmerized by Krishna’s charm, she grants him the ointment that she was taking for the king. Pleased, Krishna presses his toes on her feet and placed a finger of both his hands under her chin and raises the fingers, which straightened her body. Kubja turns in a beautiful woman. Compassion was the positive emotional energy that moved the cosmic energy to heal Kubja.

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