In the Vedas, there is a concept that has been used by a lot of philosophers to explain the concept of Spirituality.  The individual is said to have three layers the Lower Self, The Self, and the Higher Self. Thus, the concept of the mind is also linked with the Self. The lower mind, the individual mind, and the universal mind. When an individual is on the path of Spirituality the Kundalini energy gets activated by his/her practice, subsequent to this, the long winding journey starts to the peak of spirituality and union with the consciousness. Kundalini energy is a very powerful feminine energy, the strength of the Kundalini energy is determined by the spiritual conviction of the individual.  

The lower self is driven by the lower mind, in psychology, this is also termed the serpentine mind. Now if you correlate this with what is written in the YOGA Kundalini, it states Kundalini is the power associated with the divine feminity. It states that the Kundalini energy spirals up the Chakras and opens the Chakras of the individual. In the dormant state, the Kundalini is a coiled-up serpent and once the energy is released, it shoots up the chakras and is extremely unstable and reactive as it uncoils and settles in the two nadis the ida and the pingala. Pingala is the extroverted, solar nadi, and corresponds to the left hemisphere. Ida is the introverted, lunar nadi, and refers to the right hemisphere of the brain.


The release of the Kundalini energy is followed by a period of mental confusion and conflict, till the Kundalini energy gets stabilized. This process of stabilization can be long and arduous and it cannot be abandoned, as it can be quite traumatic for the individual and can lead to mental and psychological damage. The individual should take all necessary steps to ensure that the kundalini energy becomes stable and balanced. Only when the Kundalini energy gets stable can the energy enter the Sushumna where the energy rises past the chakras to enter the Sahasrara Chakra – the Pineal Gland, where the energy finally meets the universal consciousness.


The journey that starts with the lower mind (serpentine – selfish mind), rises past the individual mind (the self-centered mind) to finally merge with the universal mind (The ONE mind of the universe). Blessed are individuals that can achieve this spiritual path. This powerful Kundalini energy once stabilized becomes the CROWNING GLORY of the individual as it signifies absolute PEACE and EQUANAMITY with consciousness.


Kundalini Urja Namostute ! The Fire that kills ignorance.

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