Love and freedom are the two most powerful natural forces that keep the universe alive and in balance, spend time in nature and you cannot miss seeing these forces in action. Love is the magnetic force that keeps this universe connected, freedom is the potential that allows love to flow freely and explore. Love and freedom are the birth rights of everyone that is alive.

However, we humans have gone so far off the path of humanity that today we have forgotten the essence of being loving.

In such a scenario how do we re-learn to LOVE FREELY.

Well, it is quite simple

The first step is to STOP hating (anything and anyone) – this implies bringing the focus back onto yourself, this sets others free from your observation and the same happens to you in return, would you like someone to observe you constantly?

The next step is to FEEL who/what you truly love

The final step is to see if you can love that someone/something unconditionally.

  • if it is a someone then ask the question; Can you give up anything for that someone without any expectations and allow them to be?
  • or
  • if it something then: Can you put all your passion and energy into that something without any expectation and offer it to the world?

“A life without love is of no account. Do not ask yourself what kind of love you should seek, spiritual or material, divine or mundane, Eastern or Western. Divisions only lead to more divisions. Love has no labels, no definitions. It is what it is, pure and simple. Love is the water of life. And a lover is a soul of fire! The universe turns differently when fire loves water.” RUMI

Loving unconditionally is accepting someone as they are and allowing them to be.

Try it, see what happens. It can only come back to you stronger than the ease with which you have given.

If you are struggling to love humans unconditionally start with animals, you will struggle initially but then will feel the power of love.

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