Let us understand how potential is unlocked in nature. I have read that the Colorado eagles have a very unique way of teaching the young eaglets how to fly. The Colorado eagle makes it nest high up on the cliff side. It is also called the American Bald eagle it is the largest raptor with an 8 feet wingspan.

The mother eagle makes the nest from a special kind of wood called the ironwood, the twigs are difficult to find, the parent eagles have to fly sometime hundreds of miles to find them. The twigs have very sharp and long thorns.  The mother eagle then create the nest with the interlocking ironwood twigs and covers them up with feather and leaf to protect the eaglets from the sharp thorns. The mother eagle makes the nest well before her chicks are born. This interest in their survival extends well beyond their birth, although the expression of  care changes. As the young eagles grow and demand for more space they begin to fight for space in the nest. The chick’s demand for food becomes too much for the mother to handle she instinctively knows that her brood needs to leave its nest.

She knows instinctively when the time is right ,to encourage the young eagles to fend for themselves, the mother starts pulling the padding out from the nest, as a result the thorns from the ironwood twigs prick the young eagles, who start to shift towards the edge.

One fine day the mother eagle pushes the eagle off the edge and they start plummeting towards the ground at break neck speed, the only thing that the young eagle can attempts is to open it’s wings to break the fall. It ends up doing that which is the most natural thing in the world for an eagle is to fly high where they belong.

Another example in nature is the barnacle gosling, when the chick is really young (between 1-5 days) and soft,  the parents abort the chicks in a high up nest and wait for chicks to take the leap of faith. The chick’s death-defying tumble is a rite of passage among the birds that nest high up the cliffs in eastern Greenland.In order to reach the grassy feeding grounds below, the geese call to encourage their chicks to take an alarming leap down sheer rocks.


Where does the faith and the courage come from?

As human beings, we may often find ourselves in a similar situation. When our lives can no longer provide the growth that we desire and change must take place, this is when we have to leave the safety and familiarity behind and take on the unknown journey.

For those who desire to fly high, nature will ensure that there is always someone around who will push you outside your comfort zone, push you off the edge to free fall and watch your fall and hope that you survive, fly and rise on your own. One does rise eventually because it is one’s own desire to fly high. There are two outcomes when someone pushes you off the cliff either you will learn to fly or someone will take care of you if you fail to open the wings, till you ready again to take the leap of faith on your own because the desire to fly high is seeded in almost everyone.

Those who take the leap of faith willingly, there is only one outcome the individual will open its wings and fly, life experiences have ensured that the heart and the wings are strong.  The leap of faith should only be taken for a lofty goal because that will give more free fall time to open the wings.

There is only one disease and limit that humans suffer from and that is “FEAR”.

Fear is a natural, powerful, and primitive human emotion. It involves a universal biochemical response as well as a high individual emotional response. There are many reasons for fear and largely a lot of fearful conditions can be addressed by self introspection , managing thoughts, emotions and actions.

Life wants each one of us to eventually know who we are, find freedom, independence and soar high.

In today’s world, it is not expected that we humans throw our children or ourselves off the cliff, but certainly there are many things we do in fear that induces a downward spiral in our lives and that limits us from unlocking our true potential as Spiritual Beings having a human experience. It is best to understand what fear is and how to manage it and use this powerful primordial energy to rise.

And then we say, “’Life is not fair!”, that’s not true, “Life is not to fear.”, is the truth, only then can life give you what you fairly deserve.

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