Everyone as an Individual, is on the path of self-realization and therefore mostly judgemental about relations, it is the immaturity of the individual that defines resonance as friendship and non-resonance as enemies. The benchmark for labeling relations is flawed or not established.

Firstly there are no friends and no enemies, just the mind that is creating dualities.

A teacher is also a friend, a teacher will tell you what you need to overcome a challenge.

A guru is also a friend, a guru will tell you what you don’t need to overcome a situation / a circumstance.

If you embrace a teacher mindset, you will have friends and enemies.

If you embrace a guru mindset, there will be neither, neither a friend nor an enemy.

Manoranjan – literally translates as ” The entertaining mind”. How ONE wishes to be entertained is PURELY decided by their own thought process and maturity of their mind.

If someone labels you ANYTHING (friend, enemy etc etc); understand that their mind is still playing with them, as they wish to be entertained. SMILE and move ON!