At a time when there is immense uncertainty about the world economy and every concept/ideology of human life is under the White Throne of Judgement, it’s very hard and difficult for the youth of today to navigate life because they have not been given the understanding between the physical and the spiritual realm, the cause and the effect aspect of our existence. The youth must understand that we humans are primarily spiritual beings having a human experience. There is a correlation to every aspect that we have in this physical realm (the human creation) and the Spiritual realm (the natural creation).


  • Human Realm; Money – Spiritual Realm; Goodwill, Pure Intent, Vision, creativity, hard work, perseverance and enthusiasm.
  • Human Realm; Job – Spiritual Realm; Service.
  • Human Realm; External Effort – Spiritual Realm; Internal discipline.
  • Human Realm; 3D Printing – Spiritual Realm; The formation of a Foetus in the womb of the mother.

Every human endeavour is to effectively replicate everything that already exists in the Spiritual realm. The source of all intelligence is the Spirit.

Unfortunately, it is a time in Human evolution where the past generations of humans have fully exploited and depleted the goodwill and the relation with the spirit for selfish agendas. There is a force or power that keeps this universe under governance and balance (NOT CONTROL)! This force can be referred to as God, Energy or Consciousness (The collective consciousness of existence). This force is the silent observer and maintains universal balance. To maintain balance, it executes whatever needs to happen without any bias or prejudice. I am writing this blog for my daughter, my wife’s nephew and my friend’s children who have embarked on their journey into the physical realm to become independent in every aspect.

I wish to share with them and all youth, some anecdotal learning that I have gathered in my life.

  • External Effort when combined with Internal Saadhana will deliver the best results.
  • The knowledge you have acquired must be applied to your passion.
  • Know who you are, are you a team person or an individualist? If you are a team person, improve your social intelligence, if you are an individualist improve your connection with yourself.
  • Saadhana is the most effective tool to centralise, balance, navigate and stay on the path of self-realisation, life is sadhana embrace it NOW and let life flow.
  • Exercise / a sporting activity is a must; your body is your instrument of experience, and it is the only thing that will stay with you till the end. Do not ignore the body and your biological health. Your body is your compass learn to use it. Be aware of addictions. NO DRUGS !!
  • Always be aware that a part of the WISDOM is with everyone, don’t judge anyone, and inculcate the art of listening. If you judge, you shall be judged by facing a similar situation!
  • Do Not be emotionally dependent on anyone nor encourage emotional dependency from anyone (be it anyone). Give others your time and listen to understand. Respect individual choices. Your solution is not theirs, so keep it in perspective.
  • Biological Family and Spiritual Family are most likely to be different. The spiritual family will always be with you wherever you are.
  • Fear Nothing, if someone induces fear listen to their concerns and ask them to STOP inducing fear, if they understand great, if not, remove them from their lives.
  • Before any commitment – take time to think, perambulate and meditate upon it and FEEL, then make the decision to any commitment.
  • Spend at least 1 hr every day in Nature observing nature in silence. Observing is neither seeing nor looking it is viewing, silence is the stillness of body, mind and heart.
  • All undiscovered knowledge is hidden in consciousness, what is written in the books is discovered knowledge, and how was is discovered is the key.
  • Once you learn the art of taping into undiscovered knowledge and master the same, you will establish a high-speed connection with consciousness, then and only then, WISDOM will reveal itself.
  • Self-regulation is better than controlling.
  • If there is someone who does not judge you keep that person as a lifetime friend.
  • Be passionate do everything to the best of your ability and complete the circle – START to END, don’t give up on a project even if it feels like a failure during execution. There are no failures only the UNIVERSE teaching.
  • Read and write – an absolute must.
  • The presence of friends comes and goes, it’s the friendship that should endure, and then friends are always connected and in touch.
  • Let life be colourful not white or dark, all work and no play make Jack/jill a dull boy/girl.
  • Travel, listen to music and eat all kinds of food.
  • Your religion is unique to you and you only, don’t let anyone tell you anything else.
  • A satisfied and content spirit is far wealthier than a rich person, don’t compare yourself to anyone – you are setting an ERRONEOUS BENCHMARK for yourself.
  • Speak but don’t hurt, Words are the most dangerous weapon that man has, it damages the SOUL!
  • BE HUMBLE and speak in an engaging manner with someone speaking to you, don’t be curt, you are depriving yourself of their WISDOM.
  • Love YOURSELF always no matter what!!
  • Don’t worry about the world, you are the world, take care of your sentiments for yourself.
  • Learn something new always, and don’t regard any work as demeaning.
  • A rat delivers a baby in 22 days and an elephant in 24 months, what do you wish to deliver? Have patience.
  • Seek lives answers by observing nature or from within, not from someone, your guru is sitting inside of you.
  • You cannot give that which you don’t have, that which you cannot give is that which you don’t have …. Read carefully.
  • Invest in self-development – nothing material will ever be more valuable than you.
  • Understand LOVE before you LOVE!
  • Money is energy, it flows where there is the authenticity of connection with consciousness and faith.
  • Respect WISDOM not age, nor relationship.
  • Know your strengths and develop your lesser strengths.

The secret to life is packaged differently for each one of us and it is kept within us to find it, that is the purpose of life. Don’t let anyone delusion you with anything else. Never compromise on freedom and true freedom is inside not outside, there is no need to fight for your freedom or the freedom of others, it’s from them to fight for it. Finally, AI can never be greater than PI (Pure Intent), and the creation can never be greater than the creator, but if the Creator gets bogged down by the creation then who is to blame?

The spirit has created you, so there is a path assigned to you to realise WHO YOU ARE, you just need to FIND IT and GET ON THAT PATH.

Finally, BE KIND to yourself , other humans , animals , plants and tree , nature and to the existence in which you exist.

God Bless you all, I am always available to Listen and share my 2 cents of wisdom.