He Came, He Conquered and He Left LOVE in the Hearts of all those who touched him!!

The Soultan of my Heart!

A tribute to Feefu from Saachu.

You came into my life like rain on barren soil,
Showering love and life into cracks no one could even see.
Nourishing and healing, with every mischievous lil encounter.
Teaching me how to love unconditionally.
But just like rain, it seems like it was time for you to be somewhere else.

I never imagined that the loss of your life would make me feel so lost in mine.
Didn’t realize the depth of the marks your paws made on my heart
I wish I could show you how it’s broken,
I wish you could see,
How I look for you, in everything around me
How there are days when you are the sun that peers through the clouds
The wind in my hair and the tears in my eyes
I hear you in the sound of laughter
I see you in the stars that light up the sky
And as the days turn to months,
I am making peace with knowing you are free
And that we will always belong, to you and me.

30th Oct 2018 – 11:00 hrs – 06th Feb 2022.