The human body has 7 Chakras within and one Chakra outside the body.

The 7 chakras are clubbed into 3 groups.

  • The Lower Chakras – Muladhara, Swadhisthana and Manipura
  • The Median Chakras – Anahata and Vishuddhi
  • The Higher Chakras – Ajna and the Sahasrara
  • The Eighth Chakra – ONENESS

Each of these chakras is equally important, please don’t be misguided by the hierarchy that the words imply. Centering, balancing and stabilization of each of the Chakras is equally important to reach the goal of ONENESS. In fact, the stabilization of the Muladhara chakra is the most critical in the rise to the spiritual realization of any individual. The unbalanced chakras can be visualized to be much like a 3 bladed boomerang. If you can imagine a three-bladed boomerang spinning without a fixed pivot trying to accomplish a synchronous Centering, Rising and returning to the source, ONENESS.

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Why the example of a 3 bladed boomerang?  It represents the trinity of creative energy. The creator, the organizer, and the destroyer.

An individual on a spiritual path will have very intrinsic relations with 7 individuals, each of these individuals holds an equally important part in the individual’s spiritual realization. Each of these 7 relations is there to teach 7 important laws of life to each other. These 7 laws of life (of the many) are very specific to these individuals and cannot be prescriptive, for example; reading off from someone else’s diary of the spiritual journey to spiritual realization.

As a law of nature, the parents / one of the parents has the greatest role in an individual’s spiritual realization. It may also happen that the parent’s spiritual realization is stalled, and the child moves on rapidly up to a certain point and then experiences hurdles on the path of spiritual realization. In such a case the child may drive the parent’s spiritual progress, this must be accepted and understood by the parent.

These 8 individuals are interlinked and as either of the 7 individuals (grouped in 3) advances it will naturally exert a force onto the others to make the correction and to rise also. At any one point in time, any one of the 8 could be leading the spiritual transformation. The one who can hold the highest position retains the central position until someone else from the group of 8 takes the lead. It may also be that one or more of the Individuals are part of the higher chakras but their stability is affected by those they have chosen if the chosen ones are in the median or the lower chakras. It is the leader’s responsibility to manage the harmony of the group and as much as possible encourage the individuals to make the change and rise as a group.

Thus, it is important to very carefully look at all your relations and understand the relativity of each of these relations in the context of your own spiritual advancement. The ideal end to the journey is the realization of ONENESS for all 8. The pace set by the leading individual may not be conducive for the other based on their stage of life, desires, and responsibility and thus may result in dropouts, the one leading must accept these dropouts without judgment and with grace and gratefulness, the dropouts have served their purpose and will continue their spiritual advancement per their pace and preference with their group of individuals.

A spiritual Saadhana is a practice that brings inner centering and harmonization. A committed Saadahak will slowly and gradually move away from all that is unwanted.