There are times when opportunity knocks at our doors and we are unable to capitalize on the opportunity because we don’t have enough facts or there are too many variables/ unknowns or the conventional does not fit with the idea.

Very few people in the world can cope with such a dynamic situation and swiftly make a decision whether to engage or not to engage.

Now, Let, me share with you a simple secret how to overcome all these questions and transcend the logic and the brain. You must try this with small insignificant decisions and build your faith in your intuition.

Thoughts are the language of the Mind.

Feelings are the language of the Body.

Silence is the language of the Spirit.

The wisdom to deal with anything is inside you, the trick is to take the idea with you into your favorite coach, listen to the music , sip your favorite drink and let the thought  percolate in your system, generate a feeling and then ask the question. You will receive the answer for sure.

Once you have made a decision ..then you must maintain that inner calm at all times, no matter what. This is when the POWER within YOU takes control of things and drives them for you.

There is NO alternate to hard work, discipline and acquiring knowledge.

Working hard externally without internal alignment is a strategy of the ignorant.

Wisdom is to acquire knowledge work hard to create internal alignment. Inculcate discipline to retain and reinforce the internal alignment. The results shall be seen externally when the internal alignment is centered and balanced.


Then there are decision you have taken in the past and they are not bearing results, again there is a way to tap into the wisdom of your body and correct it. There is a clearly defined technique and it has to be understood, practiced and perfected. The individual WILL has to be HIMALAYAN.

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