The COVID-19 pandemic has shattered everything that we humans considered sustainable and in a matter of weeks exposed the fragility of the ecosystem  created by unconscious human beings, however look around nothing has changed in the natural kingdom, in fact nature seems to be flourishing.

It puts a big question mark on how we perceive reality, our creative ability and our decision making process i.e. to what end result we use science and technology. I believe it is time for each one of us to actually take a deep breath, calm the mind and ask the question: do we need to re-calibrate our sense perception so that from now on at least we create our future consciously?

Let us consider a simple yet profound example that reflects how a wrong perception and undeveloped/unconscious mind can lead to a catastrophic outcome for all of humanity.

What do you think was the difference between the scientist, the one who used nuclear technology for generating power for peaceful purpose and the one who used it for developing a bomb.  What were the group of people who developed the nuclear bomb thinking to achieve? What was the driver? Were they also driven by greed or by fake news that instilled fear in their minds to take such a inhumanely step. The same is being experienced by humanity today as a  power crazy nation and a bunch of unconscious scientists, decided to use science to a achieve their selfish motive without considering the full consequence.

We humans of all known creatures have the gift of consciousness and imagination. We can review the past and imagine the future and the consequences of our thoughts and actions. A mind, merely trained / educated , cannot comprehend the consequences of its thoughts and actions neither the past or of the future.

Education without actively engaging the higher functions of critical thinking to enable conscious decision making is  actually a greater risk to humanity than anything else. 

The future belongs to children who become conscious have a greater role to play in the new world order that is emerging.

See this video from Obama :

So, how can we ensure that our children are not just educated but are consciously educated?

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