Spiritual Ascension is equal to Individual Expression!!

There are very few families that understand that true family dynamics are meant for spiritual ascension and in that context understand their role and respect the role of the other whilst keeping the family intact without suppressing their individuality and that of the others.

A family is a group of humans that have come together, each one has their own perception about life, gathered from others who have influenced them in their formative years and their own life experiences. Most of the time what they have gathered from others is in direct conflict with their own life experiences. Life is designed to be so.

The truth of life can never reveal itself unless the individual experiences and appreciates all the different aspects of life. Humans are primarily emotions and anything that is different generates emotions. Change is the only permanence of life, and change generates emotions. If individuals are unable to understand and process emotions, they are stuck in a vortex of life where there is no growth. One must learn to be consistent in the midst of change and that consistency is to be inculcated within whilst allowing freedom to others.

Today more than ever individual expression is key for individual growth, personal life experiences, and self-realization and thus if we look around a lot of families are unable to endure the test of changing times while allowing authentic freedom to individual expression to live freely, without any kind of peer pressure.

The traditional Indian family is pivoted around the elders of the family or the one who is the bread earner and all others are to comply with that person’s whims, fancies, values (values that are their’s), and life path, there are few and far exceptions to the statement,  of course !!

Traditionally men have been the bread earners and therefore they exerted a lot of their WILL onto other family members and knowingly or unknowingly suppress the individuality of other family members. Most men and their spouses use finance, austerity, and inappropriately construed values at an individual level, as an effective tool for suppression whilst giving full justice to LIP SERVICE. There are very few men who can give financial support and full liberty to the women in their families without any personal vested interest from the past or the future. Family feuds, holding onto the hurt for past (historic) innuendos, the uncontrollable desire to settle scores, and greed for ancestral inheritance. 

A man suppressing a man in the family is not possible beyond a certain extent, no matter what the relation, the brotherhood takes over, as they say when a boy starts wearing the shoes the size of his father, the father should treat him as an equal in all aspects of life, does that hold true for the women in the house?

A dear friend of mine wrote a blog a few days ago about how divine energy exists where the women in the family are respected, I liked the blog but honestly, I beg to enhance the expression by stating divine energy exists where the men in the family empower the women to live their lives independently and support their growth in a way they choose to grow and DO NOT BURDEN them as a financial liability.  Respect is a word that draws wide inferences and interpretations of personal biases.

Every person in the family contributes, it is for the key person (man/woman and their spouse) in the family to understand what is the unique contribution that each member of the family is making to keep the family intact and happy and that should be cherished, that contribution cannot be weighed against finance and financial liability, especially for women who are homemakers and pivotal in holding the family together. Look around your family and appreciate the individual contribution of each family member.  Also, with respect to financial dependency when fairly evaluated against their contribution to the unity and well-being of the family and the society at large shall result in an outcome that would conclude as  “Homemakers and family makers are grossly undervalued and more importantly not adequately appreciated.”. 

The way divine intelligence has formed families is with the intent of putting individuals who will grow in diametrically opposite directions and thus diametrically opposite ideologies and philosophies. Families that truly flourish are families that

  • Are non-judgemental about individual ideologies and embrace all ideologies, philosophies, and individual expression.
  • Do not construe someone’s individual expression as a personal vindication.
  • Do not exert any kind of righteousness on the individual life paths of anyone (family or otherwise), allow freedom.
  • Do not cause psychological disturbance to anyone because they choose to express their individuality, weigh your contribution, is it a response (proactive) or a reaction (demeaning)?
  • Express your individuality and accept the other’s expression of Individuality – Meet halfway to keep the family intact, one will grow and so will the family flourish.

Most importantly understand when one accepts and embraces anything that is radical to their mindset, change happens and if the acceptance is loving it can only result in one thing, growth in individual consciousness and liberation.

Accept your family members with a loving embrace and let them express their individuality and re-establish, and strengthen the family connection to expand. Allow your family the time, to accept you. This is an ongoing process as is human evolution.

Some ideologies are too deeply entrenched in the DNA, and these take time to release, give your family members the time to process and wherever possible support them.

Some spiritual aspects may be used as guidelines to change the mindset.

  • Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam; Human Beings United by Consciousness, as all other living beings in existence.
  • Human beings are not material possessions, no one own’s anyone irrespective of family relations or any legal binding (slavery or employment).
  • Whatever ideology that you live by is true for you and there shall be someone with an ideology that will be diametrically opposing to yours and for that individual his/her ideology shall be equally true. That individual is likely to be your family, your best friend, or the one you love. Most likely the one you love, because the one you love will have the most profound effect on you, and you are destined to learn some lesson of life together, once that is understood and accepted, Spiritual ascension occurs naturally.
  • We are spiritual beings having a human experience for the realization of God within US.

“Live and let live” is a version of what Christians call the Golden Rule and what Confucius called the Ethic of Reciprocity. I prefer Confucius’ name for the idea because it stresses that it is a “two-way street.” It is a reciprocal arrangement. It works as a rule for civil behavior ONLY when both parties voluntarily agree to participate fully. Refusing to understand/accept someone because you disapprove of their lifestyle is NOT fulfilling your part of the Spiritual Code – that all are created equal by God and God resides in each one of us.

Human families are meant to expand to the realization of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – Human Beings that are connected by Consciousness !!