Spiritual intelligence is transcending human intellect and emotional sensitivity.

The best approach to cultivating Spiritual Intelligence is to deploy oneself fully in any activity (preferably not too easy but not unrealistic as well) that inspires the individual. Ideally, it should put every aspect of one’s present personality that is an outcome of his/her past on the test bench.

The activity should be self-inspired / visualized,  such that it SHALL, by the nature of the task, require

  • full attention to gain know-how (inquiry), require understanding, practice, and record experience,
  • adopting an expansive mindset, (every individual has a self-limiting belief)
  • adopting a holistic lifestyle,
  • maintaining optimum physical health,
  • overcoming the fluctuations of the mind (over analysis; possibly due to perceptive unfavorable external conditions), the individual is most likely to consider taking up some sadhana (Spiritual Discipline)
  • force the individual to make choices to let go of high energy-consuming / misaligned lifestyles, habits, and relations.
  • whilst continuing to make progress from moment to moment  (past will cease to exist, future comes only after the present moment,  PRESENT is a gift)  – never be in a RUSH! Allow time to make deep-rooted genetic changes for your guru to sit comfortably in your body and on the throne of your mind.

The Spirit is the Coach within that will provide all the resources, information, knowledge, and guidance to the individual to accomplish the goal once permanent genetic changes have been accomplished to never be limited by human intellect and emotional sensitivity.

The Spirit will never allow attachment and dependency on any other individual. The Spirit shall take the individual into the realm of Freedom – Moksha. The Spirit is the Guru!

The Guru resides within each one of US!