The Human Body is the greatest gift that any Human can ever have. There can be nothing more precious than the Human Body, it is a gift of GOD.

The Human Body is also an instrument for navigating life to find the end purpose of human evolution and understand this universe in a way that can only be understood by personal experience.

All human beings want to live a healthy life and very few have come to the realization that the way this body ceases to be alive is determined by how we have treated our bodies.


The body is also the most resilient, adaptive, and intelligent. It is difficult for the most individual to use the mind to overcome the body for those the alternative approach may be to use the body to come in sync with the mind. Abusing, overusing and neglect of the body to hold the mind still has a dangerous outcome.

The secret to life and this universe is locked inside the DNA of each individual, however, how to unlock this secret requires a unique approach. A lot of Spiritually enriched individuals are promoting methods on how to unlock an individual’s human potential through prescriptive methods. These methods will continue to deliver result up to a certain point, beyond that point to the point of full realization is an individual journey where everything that an individual has learned or practiced must be deleted from the system.

I will be very surprised if there is any Spiritually enriched individual who can guarantee the Spiritual realization of some other Individual through their generic prescriptive methodology. It must be understood that the generic prescriptive methodology that is prescribed is most likely a methodology that worked for them, it is their unique key NOT YOUR’S.

Every LOCK has a UNIQUE KEY!!

So, by all means, follow any one of the Spiritually enriched individuals with whom you resonate with an awareness that only the type or the shape of the key is likely to be the same NOT the Coding of your individual Key. The hard work has to be done by yourself for your spiritual realization!

So the secret to a Healthy end lies in understanding that the body needs to be cherished, and some simple ways to unlock the secrets within the body.

  1. Exercise: That which can be sustained till the last day of your physical existence.
  2. Food: Saatvic food – Transition from Tamasic food to Saatvic food is preferred.
  3. Avoid Alcohol: Reduce to the bare minimum and eliminate.
    • Tamasic food and Alcohol deplete the Spirit.
  4. Spiritual Saadhana: Start with a prescriptive methodology with an awareness that eventually you will have to shed the prescriptive and take your path.
  5. Gain Knowledge from authentic sources: Practice, experience build your own WISDOM.
  6. Avoid Individuals with strong opinions/ideologies they are the greatest hurdle in your spiritual awakening.
  7. Let go: Of energy-depleting activities, Gossip, and judgmental personalities.
  8. Understand: Don’t Judge.
  9. Overcome: Attachments, establish spiritual connections with like-minded people.
  10. Inculcate: Mutually enriching company and being with self – don’t spread yourself out, it depletes creative energy. Satsang!!
    • Enrich: improve or enhance the quality or value of.
  11. Alternatives: Use alternative indigenous medicine.
  12. Sleep: Balance is the most crucial, sleep well.
  13. Beware: Of Ideological Oppression.
  14. Take up: A new creative activity on your own. Seek minimal support from anyone else.
  15. Overcome: Fear one step at a time.
  16. Be Still!
  17. Practice Kindness: Kindness is the Light that penetrates all darkness!

All of the above will take you to a lifestyle change, which will prepare the body for a healthy end. This is just a foundational guideline, use your own intuition to amend, modify or expand.