Spiritual Resonance is the key to the joy of Life and Contentment.

Spiritual Resonance occurs when there is

  • Physical Satiation – this can come from a saadhana, a disciplined artform, a perfoemance sports activity, food, sex, alcohol or any other activity – all within moderation, pleasurable, satisfying and energizing. If done in excess it will reflect in the adverse affects on the body.
  • Emotional Balance – this comes from the self through building risilience, empathy, understanding and apprecaition and truthfullness, truthfullness that cares not to cause more than necessary distruption, hurt and pain if it has to be that way. This comes from CARING.
  • Psychological Stability – this comes from SELF-CONFIDENCE and interpretting past Life Experiences correctly and imbibing those learnings in the present life. Don’t forget this is a continous learning process of moving from detatchment to simple and pure child like connectedness and LOVE for the ONENESS of life.