Meaning. Faith. Purpose. Transcendence. Ritual. Ultimate concerns. Contemplation. Meditation. Prayer. Mysticism. Religion. Nature. Holiness. Virtue. Morality. Unity. Engaged community. These are some of the words that come to mind when people hear the word “spiritual.” And, scientists have found common ground: The generally accepted scientific definition of spirituality – the search for or communion with the sacred – can be aligned with any of these words. Each can be viewed as part of the experience of connecting with the sacred or as a pathway in seeking the sacred that lies within us or outside us.

 Spirituality involves our capacity to dig deep and find the greater meaning in life, to align ourselves with a purpose that extends beyond ourselves, to find relationship and unity with something greater such as nature, God, or the transcendent.

Spirituality the journey that transforms the way of life of any human being towards leading a more meaningful life,  finding an expression to make the world a better place such as greater compassion, altruism, volunteerism, and philanthropy.

How to build upon this great inner strength?

    • Seek a purpose, find out what you are passionate about and apply your self fully to learn about that, dig deep into the subject, read, investigate, explore the science behind it. Ask introspective questions. Think how you would like to improve, change or completely re-reate the knowledge base of that subject.
    • Find a Spiritual model that inspires you. Every great person who has left footprints in the history of mankind has taped into the power of Spirituality. Find  one with whom you resonate.
    • Find an activity that you can do anywhere, anytime, anyplace and without anything. This activity should rejuvenate your energy levels.
    • Objectify your Spirituality, example, I have objectified the image of a monk meditating, looking at this image inspires me.
    • Use the deathbed test ask the question, What would you give up to realize your vision? if the answer is still unclear and ambiguous then keep working till the answer is clear and unambiguous.
    • Practice mindfulness, meditation, connect with nature and practice inner silence.
    • Conserve and use energy to move closer to your objective every moment.
    • Do not give up, the more failures one experiences, take it as ai a sign that the individual is being  prepared for a greater purpose. Introspect on what can be improved. Stay positive and keep walking.
    • As you progress a sign that you are indeed making progress can be signified by the clarity and stability of your mind, dissolution of doubts and questions, do not compromise and accept the mediocre.
    • The most important – love  unconditionally be it a person, a pet ,a plant or a vision. Give it your positive energy under any and every circumstances. That what you love unconditionally stands behind the individual as spiritual power.
    • Be prepared to loose the old YOU.

    Spirituality is the ultimate strength that combines the goodness of all Human Values.

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