The untimely and tragic death of young and vibrant actor Sushant Singh has truly shaken India and has once again shown that external influence can disturb a young, ambitions and an untrained mind to such an extent that it can turn and become it’s own enemy. There is nothing wrong with being ambition when one knows that they have the talent and the skill, ambition is the fuel to achieve what you desire. Sushant was definitely a very talented young man.

May god give his soul peace and his family the strength to overcome the grief.India has lost a gifted and a talented young star.



There are many more aspiring and talented young individuals out there, trying to make a mark in their chosen segment of professional endeavor.

This blog of mine is for all those young people out there who want to make a mark.

Ambition needs to be supported by discipline and training of the mind to ensure it does not get affected by the external reality but has the strength to create its own personal reality.

In the yoga shastra is it clearly documented that our individual thoughts are affected by

Pramāṇa viparyaya vikalpa Nidra smṛtayaḥ.

Pramāṇa – evidence ; factual evidence or knowledge

Viparyaya –  misconception ; incorrect information or rumor

Vikalpa – verbal delusion

Nidra – sleep ; ignorance

Smriti  – old memories

Managing thoughts and emotions is the key to SUCCESS!

There are five key principles that Yoga Shastra has laid down that are fundamental for creating a solid and strong foundation for success.


Principle No. 1 : Pratyakṣānumānāgamāḥ pramāṇāni.

Pratyaksha  – Witnessed by the Self

Anumana – Added Imagination

Agama – Something that is clearly proven in the past or documented

Pramanani – Used as a Proof


One should not get affected by something that one has not witnessed, even if one has witnessed, the mind should not add the colour of imagination to it. Unless is it clearly proven or documented nothing can be used as a proof.

Social media like to make hype of the smallest of the things,it must be accepted as their nature and respected.  Everyone knows that’s social media information liked to celebrities draws a lot of readership and creates unnecessary sensationalism.


Principle No. 2 : Viparyayo mithyājñānam atadrūpa pratiṣṭham.

Viparyayo – Misconception

Mithyajnanam – False knowledge

Atadrupa – False representation

Prathistham – Established


Misconceptions, False Knowledge and  False representation have to be established by those who start it.One should not worry about baseless rumors.


Principle 3 : Śabdajñānānupātī vastu śūnyo vikalpaḥ.

Sabda – words

Jnana – knowledge

vastu – reality

Anupati – arouses imagination

Sunyo – none (else)

Vikalpa – bad delusion


Word spoken by someone you consider as knowledgeable and trust worthy arouses negative emotions, because they will show you the reality. If you trust someone then  yes they have the right to critique and one should listen and follow their advice. The human mind is a monkey , it chooses to follow that which is easy and ignores that which is hard. If you choose not to follow the hard, the outcome is nothing nd a realization that it was a bed delusion.


Principle 4 : Abhāva pratyayālambanā vṛttir nidrā.

Abhava – absence of

Prataya – Cognition

aLambana – unsupported

Nidra – sleep (imagination)


Baseless romurs are to be considered as someone’s imagination.


Principle 5 : Anubhūta viṣayāsaṁpramoṣaḥ smṛtiḥ.

AnuBhuta – past Experience

Visaya – subject

asampramosah – not removed

smrtih – memory


If there has been some mistake that you have done in the past and someone is using that to disturb your mind, ignore it. Past is gone, future is yet to come. Life is just “NOW”. Don’t live with the burden of past mistakes.

These above five principles are to be supported by suitable behavioral

Abhyāsa vairāgyābhyām tannirodhaḥ.

Abhyasa – Practice

Vairagya – detachment

Abhayam – fearless

Tannirrodhah – restraint


Remember and practice the five principles, exercise detachment i.e. in the professional and the personal world maintain equanimity with everyone, do not favour anyone excessively. Be fearless and express your opinion in a balanced manner if not exercise restraint.



Tatra sthitau yatno’bhyāsaḥ.

Tarta – of these

Sthitau – steadiness

Yatno – efforts

Abhyasah – practice

Sa tu dīrgha kāla nairantarya satkārāsevito dṛḍhabhūmiḥ.

Sa tu – he who

Dirgha – long

Kala – time

Nairntarya – continous

Satkarasevito – for the welfare of (whoever whatever), with service attitude

Drdhabhumih – finds solid ground


One who practices these principles, continuously, with steadfast belief, with patience eventually finds solid ground. A steady mind, a loving heart, a humble attitude and being in the moment can overcome any challenge in Life. Nothing can beat discipline, hard work, determination and  human values they are the jewels that the spirit wears with pride.


In addition to that, I would like to add from my personal life experience that we are all human being and to err and fail is as much a part of life as to get thing right and succeed. 

When someone chooses to do something that has never been done in the family, especially a typical middle class family, the family should wholeheartedly  support the individual without any expectation and celebrate failure as much as they would have celebrated success. Failure is the steppingstone for success.

If and when the individual finds the inner confidence, God appears.

 I wish we lived in an ideal world, however  work  towards that is still in progress, as such harassment will remain in the society for sometime to come, it is the primordial human nature to make life difficult for someone who is talented. However, individual determination and an un-flickering focused mind can overcome almost any kind of harassment.

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