The 7 levels to Transcendence

For an individual on the path of Spiritual ascension, there are seven levels before transcendence is accomplished.

The seven levels to be overcome are.

  • The duality of taste and of hearing
  • The duality of love and lust
  • The duality of reality and illusions of the mind
  • The duality of action driven by desire
  • The duality of duality (good/bad, moral/immoral, being religious/sacrilegious)
  • Finally comes Transcendence – Surath and Samadhi

With reference to the Hindu mythology Ma Durga killed 6 demons they were as mentioned below and linked to the above dualities.

  • Madhu and Kaitabh
  • Mahishasura
  • Dhumralochana
  • Raktibija
  • Shumba Nishumbha

Transcendence is Surath and Samadhi – A Chariot of Contentment.

In sanskrit in some contexts, “Mā” refers to the moon. For example, “Mānandam” (मानंदम्) means “moonlight” or “the delight of the moon.” Moon also signifies Coolness – “Chandra Ma”.In Sanskrit, the term “Durg” (दुर्ग) does refer to a fort.Thus, to come into transcendence – one must be like Ma Durg ! Ma Durga is the ONE who is Cool and Unshakeable.

Oh!! The secrets of the Sanskrit Language!!