This world consists of three powerful forces, a force (A) and another force (B) that is the opposite A, both these forces are important for existence in the material world. Each one considers the other as the dark force, however for the purpose of expressing duality we have to use opposite terminology so let’s assume that one of these forces to be the negative force and the other to be the positive force, much like electrical potential.

The third force is the greatest one that centralizes these A & B, this is the neutral force.

In Indian mythology there is story where the positive and the negative forces end up going to war to such an extent that they destroy the Goddess of fortune resulting in both their worlds being depleted of the wealth and the luxury. It so happens that the goddess of wealth gets banished into the depths of the ocean and to get her back the ocean needs to be churned under the auspices and guidance of the neutral force.

The great churn starts, the positive force on one end of the churning rope and the negative force on the other side with the rope coiled around the pivot, a mountain.

The rope is a representation of the mythological snake “Vasuki” which represents the five senses. The mouth of the snake is on the side of the negative force and the tail end is with the positive force. Both are struggling to get the goddess of fortune freed and set their hands on the elixir of life, the nectar that will make them immortal.

As the churning continues Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Fortune) finally emerges, wealth and prosperity once again become available to all. However, now instead of stopping the churning both the forces decide to continue the churn to get their hands on the nectar, refuting the advice from the centralizing force to STOP and share the wealth. They are now blinded by the greed and want to become immortal so that can banish the other and have all wealth to themselves.

When they recommence to churn  – Vasuki the snake starts releasing the poison and everyone soon realizes that it is extremely toxic and all start fleeing abandoning the churn. Now, it again comes down to the greater centralizing force to rise and absorb the poison to save the others. To save the others the presiding force consumes the poison as a matter of duty without a second thought, this is where mother nature intervenes and saves the centralizing force from succumbing to the lethal poison.

The moral of the story you can avail the nectar of life (immunity) by keeping the welfare of others ahead of yours and simply maintaining your neutrality during the churn. Don’t underestimate the power of Mother Nature if it can destroy it can also save. COVID 19 is the poison that is being spewed out whilst the two forces fight it out for fortune and nectar.

The ideology to become immune is effective at the individual level, national level and global level. Do not spread the poisonous words, as far as reasonably practical absorb it, this is indeed the nectar of immunity.

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