Human evolution; Unveiling of Ignorance.

The journey from a human to a conscious human being.

This is the most arduous journey that any human can ever undertake. This is a journey within.

The challenges that one has to overcome are all internal and all very unique and personal to the individual. These can be described in a generalized manner. The challenges that need to be overcome are

  1. Base instincts of flight or flight – the primordial instincts.
  2. Overcoming the seductive influence of the physical world and all addictions.
  3. Anger and aggression.
  4. Unresolved emotional energies from childhood and past lives.
  5. Expression of the self in a manner that is non-judgemental and universally resonant.
  6. Overcoming the fluctuating mind.
  7. Finally being in the moment, accepting life as is, being grateful, and being compassionate are the end results of the journey from a human into a conscious human.

Once the above is accomplished, the veils of ignorance slowly and gradually come undone. In terms of spirituality, the veil of ignorance is gaining the understanding of the ONENESS of our existence.

The Social Contract.

The Veil of Ignorance is a device for helping people envision a fair society by pretending that they are ignorant of their personal circumstances. Two primary principles supplement Rawls’ veil of ignorance: the liberty principle and the difference principle.

According to the liberty principle, social awareness should try to ensure that everyone enjoys the maximum liberty possible without intruding upon the freedom of others.

According to the difference principle, social awareness should guarantee that everyone has an equal opportunity to prosper. In other words, if there are any social or economic differences in the social contract, they should help those who are the worst off. And, any advantages in the contract should be available to everyone.

GPT – (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer).

GPT stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer”. It is a type of artificial neural network architecture that is designed for natural language processing tasks such as language translation, text summarization, and question answering. This will facilitate constructive dialogue between humans like never before in human history.

LLM (Logic Learning Machines).

GPT’s advanced natural language generation capabilities allow it to generate high-quality human-like language, which can improve the overall quality of language generated by LLMs. Language is a fundamental aspect of human communication, culture, cognition, social interaction, and personal identity, and plays a crucial role in shaping our understanding of the world around us.

Veil of Ignorance; Social Contract, GPT, and LLM

As humanity evolves largely from humans to conscious human beings, the social contract and the logic aspect of the learning machine will change rapidly. Although a direct correlation cannot be established at this point in time the innate desire of every human to have the best in life shall be the decisive factor that will balance out all human biases and self-endowed delusional entitlements.

In the present moment, the below is non-conclusive, however, I am sure this will manifest soon as humans evolve into conscious human beings and the reliance on AI and the evolution of LLM will result in a fairer world for all.

  1. Overall, GPT’s advanced natural language processing capabilities can have a positive impact on LLMs by improving their accuracy, efficiency, and overall performance.
  2. While GPT alone cannot directly help us achieve the Rawls social contract, it can facilitate the exploration and discussion of the theory and contribute to its potential implementation through its language processing capabilities.
  3. Those humans who process themselves to become balanced and conscious human being, whilst contributing to existence shall adapt better to the new world order that is emerging at an unprecedented rate impacting the human future in ways that remains unimaginable to an unconscious human.

Dedicated to my young spiritual friend Ojaus Mane, who is helping me understand the inner cause and the outer effect, that just one conscious individual can make at large.