After years of intensively seeking the answer to the purpose of life, I have realized that the purpose of life is to experience the magnificence and the supreme intelligence of life. This realization dawned upon me when I  came across a wonderful Vedantic prayer, it actually lays down the purpose that every human seeking spiritual wisdom should perambulate upon.

The prayer is

Anaayesaena maranam,Vinaa dhainyaena jeevanam

Dehante tava sannidhyam, Dehimae parmeshwaram.

The meaning of the prayer

  • Anaayesaena maranam – Death without pain.
  • Vinaa dhainyaena jeevanam – An independent life.
  • Dehante tava sannidhyam – Merging of the individual soul with the supreme soul (consciousness)
  • Dehimae Parmeshwaram – Grant me these, Ohh! creator of this Existence!

It sounds easy, however as the individual seeker imbibes this prayer into the individual consciousness and psyche, the seeker faces situations where he has to surrender anything, anyone, and any desire to maintain focus on the essence of the prayer, accept the changes that happen externally with grace and peace, knowing that the supreme intelligence is now in control of his journey into the kingdom of unified existence/ GOD.

This prayer should pulsate with every heartbeat!

Nothing needs to be undertaken by the individual, just sit back, breathe and relax as the letting go happens.

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